Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sick Car

Last night a neighbor stopped by kinds late to let me know the brake lights were on.
I already knew there was a problem since Steve and Terry told me about. Then I saw
it happen for myself. It was happening more often. So this morning I went to a place
Steve recommended. I figured I would just need to make an apt. but they said if I
could just leave it they would check it out.

I put in a help me call to Lucy and she picked me up. We went 2nd hand shopping and
found a dog run fence for Fred at a really good price and a carrier for the laundry basket.

We had been gone a long time so we stopped back to the garage but they hadn't found
anything. They asked if the key less entry was stock or after market. It is after market and
one of the remotes hasn't worked in about 1yr or so. I said if they think that might be the
problem feel free to remove it. They called around closing time and said they still didn't
find the problem. I told them they can keep it over night but maybe back it into the bay
instead of pulling in forward so while he works on other cars he will more likely see the
the lights go on. We agreed and we shall see what if anything comes up.

So we went on to another couple of stores and then went back to my place, so I could take
Fred out for a walk.

Good Night All


  1. Night Jo ... love reading about your days ... I really do ... comforting that there's normalcy in this world .. Including weird car stuff

  2. That sounds like one of those problems that can drive a person nuts trying to track down. Hope they get a handle on it quickly.

  3. Good morning Carolyn,

    I'll do my best to keep you entertained with my daily silliness. Its all about doing what makes one happy. Of course the car things doesn't always make me happy.

    Hi John,

    The more I think about it the more I believe it's the keyless thing. The lights will flash and sometimes they stay on for a while which is what they do when opeining one door lock or all door locks.

  4. Had one that the head lights did that. Got rid of it without fixing the problem so I don't know what it was.

  5. Hello Trouble,
    Well I have to see what happens today. I really hate to make car payments and used would just be someone elses headache.