Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Wind Wasn't To Bad

I went out early just in case the wind was going to kick up.
I slid the lattice down the side of the trailer and put up the
portable fence so Fred can be free of his leash. It didn't take
long. We sat out for quite awhile and enjoyed our new space.
I brought out some of his toys so he would have something
to play with and feel comfortable.

Yesterday I cleaned out the old caulking around the shower
drain as I noticed it was coming out and had some very
small spaces. I cleaned it out really good and then re
caulked. I checked it out this morning to make sure it
sealed well and was dry so I could use the shower. All was

I also put the crock pot up for the sausage, peppers and
onion. This was the first time I cooked it this way and it
turned out great. Sure was a lot less work. I then put up a
 pan to make eggplant, peppers and  onions.
I received a text from Lucy that she was having a problem
with her eye. She came over after she went to one clinic
and wanted a ton of money just for walking in the door and
wouldn't take her insurance. While I got ready she located
another clinic. I shut off the stove and off we went.
Something flew into her eye yesterday while fishing and it
scratched the eye. So I hope with the meds tomorrow it will
feel better.

When I got home I turned the stove back on and continued
to cook the veggies. They also turned out great.

Fred and I went out for a walk around the park to get some
exercise. As a matter of fact we took a couple walks as
I needed to through out some trash a couple times. I had
cut up some melons that I bought Sunday and had the peels
which you know how quick that will smell. Also the veggie

Had to water the plants again  the wind dries them out
so fast. Another day of out door living was had.

These little Dark Eyed Junco's are fearless. They will come
so close to you. They stay mostly on the ground I guess
looking for bugs. They will look around on the ground
near the feeders. Fred tries to chase them but they just hop
 around. I don't let him keep it up because it's more of a
pain for him than the birds. This picture was taken at the
entrance where Terry throws crushed corn. Mostly for the
ducks .
 This flower is about 3/4 of an inch but I used the macro
setting on the camera to enlarge it. I printed this out to hang
on my wall.

Good Night All


  1. Fred must think he's a tough dude. Yesterday he was chasing flies and today it's Juncos. Eagles beware.

  2. hahaaa.. Joe... cute little ol Juncos ... pretty place you have there...

    g'night ;)

  3. Good morning John,

    Fred is a bad dude. lol At least he thinks so.

    Hello Carolyn,

    Thank you I love the Mountains and this Park.

    Those little Junco's are everywhere they are so cute.

  4. TY! for answering my ? yesterday, about Fred. Love to read blogs where the bloggers answer, and I try to do the same.

  5. Hi Trouble,

    What is the point of a comment section if your not going to answer. :)

  6. Glad you and Fred had a good day. Don't you just love being able to take pictures and make your own art to display? :)

  7. Hello tinycamper,

    It was a nice day and some pictures where taken.
    I need to get away to take some pictures but this weekend will be a zoo up here. I will go out really early Monday to pick up some nice bread for the peppers, onion and sausage for the GTG here and that will be the only trip until maybe Wed.

  8. Pretty pictures, Jo. I especially like the lake!