Thursday, May 23, 2013

Made The Best Of Another Windy Day

Our first out this morning was nice and I don't think I will
be needing my heavy hoody much longer. But the breeze
was already getting high.

As I sat drinking my coffee the breeze turned into wind.
Already had made plans to go 2nd hand shopping with
Lucy for today so off we went.

I found a 10in cover for one of my fry pans so I could
saute veggies and shower curtain rings. But no clothe
shower curtains where to be found. We moved on to
another 2nd hand store where nothing was found. So we
went to Big 5 to check out porta potties and then the health
store for something Lucy was looking for  and they didn't
have. We then stopped and had coffee at a coffee shop.
We walked down to Big Lots! and I picked up some kitty
litter for the porta potty and things for Fred.

We drove over to Lucy's place to see if the seat we bought
could be made into a cheap Luggable Loo.

I was about to leave when we remembered Lucy's truck was
at my place. So on the way back we stopped and had lunch.

I hung up the one shower curtain I had in the screen room
croucheted  a tie back for it. It wasn't easy getting it on with
wind blowing the way it was.  I also hung the rest of the

I put together some cheesy chicken and added some diced
chili to the sauce, made some rice and had a salad.

Good Night All


  1. Another shop til you drop day and you didn't even break stride.

  2. Good morning John,

    Have to make the best of a bad day. Need to amuse one's self. :)

  3. How did those shower curtain rings taste? lol

  4. I like going to 2nd-hand stores but go away feeling as if I wasted my time when I don't find anything useful.
    My brother and wife started their journey form AZ to PA yesterday after some minor fixes. They are excited to finally be on the road!

  5. Hi Trouble.
    I didn't try them but if you like I'll send them to you.

    Hi Sunny,

    I have learned which one's not to go too. They usually don't have anything and they are really dirty.

    I wish your brother and sil a safe journey and a great family gtg.