Friday, May 24, 2013

It's Here!

Spent lots of time outside today. Swept the screen room rug and did some reading. One
of the ladies from a few doors down stopped by today. She is the lady Fred tried to bite
last year. Today he seemed fine so I put him on his leash to make sure I had control and
she came on in and joined us. Fred was just so happy to meet her today. Go figure.

I came in and did a really good vacuuming since Fred seems to be shedding a lot. I
brushed him really good outside.

Back out we went and did some walking around the park. More people have been coming
in again after having to go back down the mountain for apt. and other things.

So tomorrow we will have a tent raising party and hope to have some pictures to show.

Be careful out there this weekend. I will go get the truck washed early tomorrow morning
so I can get off the road early and we won't have to work around raven poop.

Smiley Flintstone

 I like it

Good Night All


  1. Fred mellowed out after taking all his aggression out on those pesky flies and songbirds.

  2. oooo Smiley! look at those gorgeous eyes! how adorable....

    yay ... can't wait to see the tent

  3. Good to hear Fred was friendlier to his former enemy. :)

    Smiley is adorable.

    Can't wait to see your tent!!!

  4. Good morning John,
    I'm happy he did can't have him not liking people.
    Sometimes he acts like a cat. Chasing leaves, crickets silly dog.

    Hello Carolyn,

    He is the apple of our eye. Always smiling and happy.

    Can't wait to get the tent going.

    Hi tinycamper,

    Yes I sure was happy he made friends. We jsut don't know why he had the reaction towards her last year.

    My Smiley has my heart. That's the bad part of not being home, missing him.

    As soon as I get some coffee in me and my shower I will get the truck washed and get started putting it up. I'll try to take pictures.