Sunday, May 5, 2013

What a Great Day

The weather wasn't all that great, but we made the best of it.
Lucy and I hit all the cheap stores we could find today. Big Lot's, Dollar Tree, Beal's,
Ross. We sure were tired.
I picked up solar lights so I can find my way home on Sat. nights. And lights to string up
in the screen room. Paper plates, a skid mat for the shower. I had to cut it in half since the
shower is so small. I'll use the other piece for the kitchen sink. Bought Fred some treats.

Pictures taken at 5:30 am

Ready to see how much rain we get if any.
Isn't he cute found him at Big Lot's

Good Night All


  1. That poor owl would dry up and blow away here for all the rain we get. It was nice of you to remember Fred in your shopping.

  2. Good morning John,
    I waited for it to blow away last night., but he stood his log. It rained some during the night but no nothing in the tube.

  3. I thought Fred was the reason for the shopping,,,lololol.

  4. Hi Trouble,
    He really is a spoiled little thing.