Monday, May 6, 2013

Some Rain

I heard rain about 1:30am and I think it rained until about 3 am. It was a light rain
nothing to heavy. Didn't even show anything in my water gauge.

I was happy it stopped before Fred had to go on his first outs, so I wouldn't have to fight
with him to go out.

I went to lunch with my friend Jackie today. Monday's not much is opened on this
Mountain. But we finally found a new place that just opened about 5 days ago. The
service was good and the salads were small but good.

After lunch we tried to think of something else to do. As we drove down the road I asked
Jackie if she would like to go to the Red Door Consignment Shop. In we went. They
always have interesting things.  I didn't buy anything but Jackie found a little metal wagon.
It looked cute on her porch.

The clouds were building so I didn't stay to long since I had to walk Fred before the rain
started. We got our walk in just in time. It would rain and then the sun would come out.
We got in 2 more walks . It sure turned chilly early in the evening and I closed up the
blinds to keep in some of the warmth.

I think I will go get my can of paint tomorrow so I can get the one wall painted this week.

Well that's it for tonight.

Good Night All


  1. Hopefully the rest of the businesses on the mountain will open soon so as not to limit your shopping and restaurant choices.

  2. Good morning John,
    Or just not go out on Monday. Can't be eating out to much to expensive. Once in a while is fine.

  3. They talk rain now and I cringe, we have had enough for now. :) So, of course its supposed to rain the next couple of days.


  4. Hi Erik,
    We didn't get what they called for so maybe you'll get lucky.
    But this wind is just way to much now.