Monday, June 17, 2013

I Really Didn't Spend Much

I really did good today. I bought a picture frame for .50, a Stanley Thermos for $3. and a cart for the laundry $2. Couldn't find anything else I needed or wanted. The Thermos will come in handy for bringing coffee outside or for camping to keep the coffee nice and hot.

We had lunch at a new place called the Picnic Basket. There salads are very good and they also have veggie burgers. I heard they make great breakfasts too. They are only open for breakfast and lunch. Service is great. Prices are very good too.

I took Lucy home and I visited with a friend for a few minutes that lost her husband right after everyone went home in the fall. We knew he was going to pass as he had stage 4 cancer. I unloaded her laundry from the car for her.
I then came back and sat outside for a while and crocheted a pocket to carry my phone in when I wear something that doesn't have a pocket. Not many things don't but a few.

Pretty much wrapped up the day today. Tomorrow will be a little busier.

Good Night All


  1. I think you must be running out of things to buy. $5.50 can hardly be called a shopping trip.

  2. crocheted a pocket? a portable pocket? HAHaaa... no kidding. well, then how do you attach it to whatever it is you'll be needing a pocket.

    ha! a portable pocket ... I think you're a genius! market 'em...

    As you may know ... I'm on a quest for a good breakfast place ... got to be in around heah

  3. I have to have pockets! For my cell, and keys when i'm out of my car. Want to see a pic of the one you made...plz.

  4. Good morning John,

    Yes I am just looking for things I really need. That Stanley thermos was a great buy. It is one big guy too. Always good to have a nice thermos, even good for keeping your water ice cold too.

    Hi Carolyn,

    Do you remember a few years back when they used those fancy safety pins to roll up sleeves on t-shits, well thats what can be used or any kind of pins. I am going to also sew a botton on it to keep the phone from falling out.

    1. no I don't ... fancy safety pins? well yeah you gotta have a bottom... I just put mine in my bra...easy peasy

      need pictures of your crocheted pocket....

  5. Hi Trouble,

    It isn't anything special. Just measured the size of the cell as I went along. If I remember I will take a picture later on today.

  6. I love the "adventure" of thrift stores. There are so many unexpected "treasures" to be found! :-)

  7. Hello Diva,
    Yes I pretty much put together my first place up here and when I downsized alot of it was re donated. :)