Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lazy Sunday

I may be late but Happy Fathers Day and also to all the single Moms out there who have raised their kids alone.

I did 2 loads of laundry early this morning. I sure have been doing a lot of laundry lately.

I cut up all my veggies and took them outside to cook. They sure tasted really good. They can be used in a omelet or just as a side.
I think tomorrow I will bbq some fish and use some of the veggies on top and wrap it in foil.

Mostly sat out and read today and took a few walks.
the weather is teasing us with possible rain but it doesn't come. The temps are nice. And it has cooled off really nice.

The kitchen has a ways to go. Tomorrow Lucy and I will go 2nd had store shopping see what I can find.

If anyone is concerned about it being to close to the trailer it isn't as close as it looks.

Good Night All


  1. Another reason to go shopping, but it does look like a neat setup.

  2. aw, jeeeez that looks good... so you just cut 'em up and cook a big batch then use them with whatever!

    why didn't I think of that? cause I'm not a cook. dang... I could wok 'em up and have them in a omelet or with rice .... well, I'm just going to do that!

  3. Veges look good, and can be used in a lot of ways. Can make vege wraps or fajitas.

  4. Yums, looks good! I have an electric skillet too & plan on doing the same thing. When I'm finally out on my own, I'll use it outside when the weather allows it. Nice to cook in some kind of open space.

  5. Good morning John,

    There is always a reason to shop but the trick is to not buy something you don't need.

    But cooking outside sure keeps the extra heat down inside.

    Hi Carolyn,

    Even those who don't cook can make these. And yes a wok will work great. And as Teri stated wraps and fajitas are good this way.

    Hello Teri,
    I like your suggestions too. Thanks

    Hi Cyn,

    I still will bring out my crock pots and rice cooker. It's like camping in your own yard. Well almost anyway. :)

  6. The veggies look yummy. I am thinking of getting an electric skillet as most of the places we camp have hookups.