Saturday, June 15, 2013

Monsoon Season

I have been wanting to set up and outdoor kitchen since I came up this Spring. So I headed for Walmart around 6:45 am. Picked up a little table from the camping section. One side has a grate and the other half is a table. Bought the electric frying pan and some groceries.

Today was a really nice day and temps have dropped down into the mid 80's.  So I got started putting everything together. Of course I didn't take any pictures but I will tomorrow.

As I was walking over to the Saturday Night GTG the sky was really looking dark and nasty. I walked over and watched the clouds move in. The wind really started to whip around.

I have this thought of the rain flying off the screen room  roof and coming in the bedroom widow like Niagara Falls and landing on the bed. So I came back home and closed the windows in the bedroom.

Temps dropped about 15 degrees. But not even one drop of rain did we get. But this is the way they start.

But why not now that I have the little kitchen set up. I'll give it a test run tomorrow when I do up my veggies.

Good Night All


  1. Some rain would be good to lessen the fire danger.

  2. Those rapid temp drop always indicate something is about to hit.

  3. Good morning John,

    Yes we sit on pins and needles this time of year. It is getting so dry and then the lighting comes but no rain. Or of course theres always to fool and his campfire.

    Hi Phyllis,

    I know some place had to get rain those clouds looked full of rain.

  4. Hoping you don't get rained out

  5. Hi Ken,
    Welocme to my ramblings.

    We get this every year and look forward to it in the begining, but after awhile it gets old. I save projects for this time of year.

  6. They say that rain is good for ya, but it mostly comes at the wrong time!

  7. Hello Jim,
    Yes I waiting so long to do this. But I will get plenty of use out of it.

  8. I love cooking outdoors. Even at home, I do as much cooking on the grill as possible. You'll probably love your new outdoor kitchen!

    We are in for days of thunderstorms now. I hope they rain a bit, then move on off so we can enjoy being outdoors between storms.