Friday, June 14, 2013

Great Adventure 2

Today was a stay at home day. Fred needed another bath. I think the shampoo that was recommended made him really smell awful. So I went back to Dove dish washing soap recommended by my groomer in Tucson.

We sat out doors most of the day and finished a short story on my kindel. I was very disappointed as it sure was short and it was not a free book which I think it should have been. Yes it was that short.

I started thinking about making some veggies so I went over to Eddies Market. I don't know if I mentioned this before but it is an early Basha's.  They had great buys on produce today. Picked up eggplant, baby portabella mushrooms, bananas and an apple.

Early tomorrow or Sunday I will make a run to Walmart for some other things and a electric skillet. I want to set up a little outdoor kitchen to keep it cool inside.

The Park is now full there are no more empty sites available.

Wild Roses grown in abundance  here
 Wild Iris also grown everywhere these are the last the wind was blowing so it is blurry
 I believe we where at about 8,500 ft this road almost made me dirty myself

There is very little road between me and the cliff. Those are all large Ponderosa pines down there.

Good Night All


  1. Glad you're not letting Fred go around smelling bad. He should smell as sweet as he is. Liked the picture additions.

  2. Beautiful area! In between trips to the groomer I wash my dog Cali with Dr. Bronner's soap.

  3. Good morning John,
    Can't abide by a smelly dog. Glad you like the pictures.

    Hi Diva,

    I sure wish I had a more powerful camera to really show those high elevations.

    Is that soap found in the pet area or soaps in grocery. I'll look for it thanks for the tip.

  4. Such beautiful country, Jo.

    Also I had never heard of using Dove dish washing liquid for a dog shampoo. I bet it would be safe and effective. Thanks for the tip.