Thursday, June 13, 2013

What A Great Adventure

Picked up Liz at 9 am and we headed for Los Burros Camp Ground. After about 3 miles it was dirt road all the way. They have started logging out there as a way to thin the forest in hope of being able to better control fires. They are taking all the dead wood and burned besides the good. After thinning so many trees they must stop.

As we road on I looked in the mirror and who is behind me New Age Nomad. So we told him to go ahead and we would follow. The dust was so bad I had to drop back quite a ways.

What a gorgeous place. It had to be a least 10 degrees cooler there. This was once a Forest Ranger Station. Nomad told me that in the evening there is a large heard of Elk out in the meadow. He said Candy ran out after the Elk but they didn't seem to fazed by her.

After I took my pictures we said out good byes and see you again down the road.

We continues on down that road as we headed toward Vernon. We saw a sign that said 1 mile to Lake Mountain look out. OMW this road was creepy and there was a drop to hell. We finally found a place to turn around and get back down. We then hit the very dusty road when we started to hear a bad sound coming from the truck. As soon as I found a turn off I pulled off the road. I checked to make sure the brakes weren't burning up. I figured it was all that darn road dust in the brakes. The brakes weren't hot at all since I had down shifted coming off the last road. So I decided we should just sit for a while. Liz had packed us a lunch so we had a tail gate picnic.

After we pulled back on the road I drove a little faster and the dust worked itself out. And finally the road turned back to pavement. I guess we drove a good 7 miles of this dirt.

We had made it to Vernon a town of pretty much nothing. As we road down the road we did see some really awesome homes and ranches. I said and look theres a horse. As I passed I realized it was not a horse but an Elk. Dug out the camera and slowly backed up and there she stood waiting for us.

We then made our way back to Show Low. We passed the place where there was a huge fire at a pellet company 2 days ago. There was nothing left of the building but even worse is how close it came to the propane company and I do mean close.

After going through Show Low we entered Lakeside and went right to the car wash. That white powdered dust was caked onto the truck.

Rangers Cabin
 What is left of the barn

The view from Nomad's camp

 Candy taking a rest in the shade
 Nomad and his best girl Candy. Candy has to be the sweetest girl every.

 these flowers were growing wild as we went up the mountain, They are so pretty and don't know what they are. They looked so much like Lilac but we didn't smell anything.
 She posed for us and  as we started to go on she also turned and moved we wondered if maybe she didn't have baby in the bushes.
I will post more pictures tomorrow.

Good Night All


  1. I hope nothing is wrong with the truck, Jo.

    You sure did see some interesting sights today! Cool about meeting New Age Nomad and Candy!

  2. Hi tinycamper,
    Truck seems fine and after running it through the car wash I thing the dirt was pretty much washed out of the brake system.

    I will post more pictures tonight.

    Meet Nomad last week when we went camping at Scott Resevoir.

  3. Good move, getting the road dust off the truck. Great pictures from the high country, thanks.

  4. I'm a little confused. Are you camping this weekend?

  5. Hi John,
    yes I will avoid that road as much a possible.

    Hello Judy,

    No camping this weekend just checking out new places. I'm confused all the time so your good. :)