Sunday, June 9, 2013

I Rested Today!

Fred and I went out for a short walk this morning.  Then it was time to catch up on some blogs while I drank my coffee. Didn't realize home many days I had missed.

I vacuumed off the fake grass and then took apart the vacuum so I could clean all the parts. I really like this vacuum, it  all comes  apart and you can clean all the filters and cups.

It warmed up pretty fast today. We tried to sit out side but it was to hot.

I watered the flowers as they look so sad. I don't think the pansies are going to make it. They got very steemy and the heat  isn't working for them. Even the ones that get mostly shade. what a shame there was every color in the pots. Everything else seems to be doing fine.

We finally gave up and came inside. It was cool in here for a short while then it got to hot. So I closed everything up and closed the blinds and turned on the A/C. I read for awhile and of course fell asleep for a short while until the phone woke me up.

I cleaned up and went to Eddie's Market to get some fresh salad fixings. I didn't want to cook anything just wanted cold things. They have great produce. I bought some pre cut watermelon, cherry's, lettuce, zucchini, grape tomatoes and an apple. I made a huge salad and put it in a bag so I can just take it out and put some in a bowl. I sprinkled it with almond slivers and cranberries.

I figured by then it must have cooled down so I shut off the A/C and opened up the house again.

After a while we took a nice walk to stretch our legs and of course Fred could do his business.

As I was getting ready to write my blog I got and e-mail from my daughter with a video of Smiley. He was singing his heart out and makings some crazy faces. I just had to watch it over and over. I guess to put them on here they have to go to another site and join or I would share it with you.

Sure are lots of birthdays this week. Happy Birthday my Princess, and all the others I know. May you have a great day!

Good Night All!


  1. Sounds like you had a nice relaxing day, good for you.

  2. oh, poo.... want to see the video! hahaa Smiley singing his little heart out... how cute.

    Have you set your blog to receive an email? If so... have your daughter send the email to your blog. I did that while traveling before I got the Blogger App on my iPhone.

    The video can't be too long ~ if it's too long, well, it wasn't or you couldn't have received it in your email... however, you can also have her upload that to YouTube then publish to your blog.

    wanna see!

  3. I've been buying a lot of cherries this past week, and I agree with you, a cool salad is better than cooking when its hot out.

  4. I love those laid back, easy-going days! :)

  5. Good morning John,
    Yes it felt good to do so very little.

    Hi Carolyn,

    Of course you can't understand what he is singing but from the tune it sounds like maybe he is singing see saw knock on the door.

    Hello Teri,

    I love cherrys and the price was so low compared to what they are everywhere else I just had to buy them. I didn't even want to use the microwave.

    Hi tinycamper,

    I sure needed it to, it was such a busy week.

  6. thanks mom I had a great bday. whole weekend was good :-)