Monday, June 10, 2013

Shopping Day

Liz need to go to the store and doesn't have wheels. We set off about 9 am and had breakfast at Denny's. We had a skinny special and it was pretty good.

We did out main shopping at the Dollar Tree. The Dollar Tree is a true dollar store. Nothing is over a dollar in the entire store. I had a huge list of things I needed. I purchased just about everything on my list and of course a few more items for $25.  Then we stopped in Big Lot's. I only bought flying bug spray and denta bones for Fred.

Liz still needed potting soil so we drove to Lowe's. I waited in the truck since we had all this stuff in the back of the truck.

Our next stop was the Rangers Station to pick up some information on camp grounds and lakes.
Liz had left her blow up Kayak in Lucy's boat so we picked that up and headed home.

Had a salad for lunch and put all my stuff away.

We went for a walk and I figured it was time to put my new plate on the truck.

Today wasn't as hot but I did turn on the a/c before I left for Fred.

It cooled down early and the windows were opened and the door too.

Tomorrow outside of going to the post office I have no plans.

Good Night All


  1. ... a no plans day is good stuff... I think so. ;)


  2. Another successful shopping safari and back home after lunch. I think you qualify as a professional.

  3. Good morning Carolyn,

    I think no plan days are good and then one never knows what it can turn into.

    Hi John,

    haha I think so too. But lunch was had at home. Just have to find those good bargains.

  4. Yeah I like to do no plans,,,go with the flow.

  5. Hi Trouble,

    Sometimes unplanned things turn out the best.

  6. Sounds like a nice day. Just going with the flow. :)

  7. Hi tinycamper,

    It was but it can turn into quite a bad habit. :)