Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Truck Is Fixed!

Took the truck in today and Lucy picked me up. We went shopping to Kmart didn't buy anything don't like Kmart. Then off to Big Lots and picked up garbage bags and trim for around the screen door and denta bones for Fred.

Came back and sat outside. It was hot in here, nice outside. Had to break down and turn on a/c. It still is warm out but now that the sun had gone down it should cool off pretty good.

They called to pick up the truck about 4 pm so Lucy picked me up and dropped me off. Had a couple bad sensors and he checked the truck from one end to the other. She's all good and the bill was only
$158.  Good place and very trustworthy guy. If ever I need something done I will go back to them. And recommend them if anyone needs a good mechanic up here.  Randy's Auto Repair, Woodland Lake Rd. Pinetop, AZ.

I think we will take a road trip to Flagstaff this week. I saw a little Alite for sale. And I have always wanted to take a trip up there.

Good Night All


  1. Good that you found a mechanic that treats you fairly. Now that the truck is fixed it's trip time. Have fun.

  2. Jo, I think you would love an Alite. I used to have an Aliner. The quality wasn't great, but it sure was a fun-go anywhere camper!

  3. Good luck on the hunt for the perfect camper! Looking is both exciting and frustrating.

  4. Good morning John,

    It's really nice to have a good mechanic. I now have to one in Tucson and now I have one up here too. Yes a trip is in the planning right now.

    Hi tinycamper,

    An Alite isn't much but it would be easy towing.
    Lots to think about.

    Hi Klb,

    Thanks I know this time around it will have to be the right one. And right now I am all over the place with what I want bad time to buy. :)

  5. I had a Chalet before my Jay Feather, Jo. That's how I met the women I camp with "when I'm camping". You'll like Flagstaff.

  6. Any time we can find somebody mechanical AND trust worthy, it's a miracle! Sounds like a keeper!

    If you go on the trip have a good time!


  7. Hi Nancy,

    My first solo camper was also a Chalet. But it was to heavy for me to lift the top. Tried everything mops, my friend made me a tool. But just couldn't get it up there.

    Only drove through Flagstaff once and it was not a good trip. We didn't plan well. And we didn't have anything to camp in. I know this time will be better. :)

    Hi Erik,

    Yes this guy is a keeper for sure. very happy with him

    1. Mine had the electric lift. It probably weighed as much as what I have now, but there was no where to put anything, and I had Lizzie, then, too.

  8. Oh great on the truck! A trip to Flagstaff sounds like fun! Maybe the little Aliner will be cool too. Looked at one here. It was really cute, plus had air, heat & a fridge! I was impressed.