Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Mountain Is Having A Heatwave!

Today we hit 92 degrees. This trailer was 95.

As soon as I did the dreaded laundry Lucy and I headed out to Home Depot to see what kind of cover or insulation to be used on the slide. The Styrofoam was not an option it would have been very ugly to put up inside and the birds and wind would have made a mess of it outside. We looked at roll up screens but they weren't wide enough. We checked out bulk screening and then had to think how to put it up and keep it up. Lucy said lets go check out the RV Store to see if they sell the tracks. Sure enough. It wasn't cheap but something has to be done. The track was the perfect size and I also picked up the little sliders that also came with the s hooks. Went back to Home Depot and picked up the screen material. Lucy will cut down and sew the edges so it looks good and won't rip, also add the grommets. Really early tomorrow it will get put up. Even if it helps a little, a little will be better.

And I need to stop waiting so long to turn on the a/c. The temp at this time is still 88 degrees.

Weather is saying possible thunder storms tomorrow and for the next few days. We shall see.

Lucy, just called she is finished already with the sewing and the awning is ready to hang. That Lady don't mess around.
Pictures tomorrow of the awning.
Good Night All


  1. I made the mistake of waiting too long to kick on the a/c too. we hit 106 here today.

  2. Oh wow, can't wait to see the awning! She must be a whiz with the sewing machine. My roof air runs really cold, really fast. I wish I could use it, but due to low power issues here, have to use the portable a/c instead. And it's not nearly as cold. Plus my RV isn't well insulated. I hate all the darkness I have to go through to help keep it cooler. It got to 88 in here today. Today's high was 98. Lets all head north!!

  3. 109 here today... tooooooo damn hot. read some of my last year where I was posts... I was wearing sweats! hah...

    wow... what a pal you have, Jo. dang. I want a pal ... one that cooks and sews and laughs and such

  4. I've got the air on. 84 degrees and humid today. Hate the heat. Can't wait to see the awning. I have one of these for my truck if I'm parked. Amazing how much air it puts out.

  5. Yeppers been dam warm made it to 86 today inside the van. Still parked at 9500' will post some pics soon. Stay cool down there!

  6. Lucy sounds like a great friend! Hope the awning makes a big difference for you. Am anxious to hear how it works.

  7. Good morning John,

    I hate to use the electric but today I will turn it on earlier too. No point waiting until it gets too hot then it works twice as hard.

    Hi Cyn,

    These RV's don't have much insulation if any. Lucy is very handy can do almost anything. I can't wait to see it all hung up.

    Hope your wankle is feeling better.

    Hi Carolyn,

    You have to get out and meet people. I will talk to anyone. Made some great friends that way.

    Hello Nancy,

    Heat and humidty are a bear for sure.

    I'll check out the link as soon as I post.
    Thank you.

    Hi Nomad,

    Don't rub it in smarty. We are trying to get away but things keep getting in the way. Hope after the 4th we will hit the road. Watch out for those nasty dry storms heading our way. Just the kind of thing we don't need up here.
    Post pictures.

    Hello tinycamper,

    Yes she is with both our minds put together I think we hit on something. I can think but can't create like she can. Can't wait to see how this turns out.

  8. It's 105 degrees here - but it's a DRY heat! ;-)

  9. OK! I hope you get on the road soon. So you can find cooler climates maybe. wasn't to bad here today it was cloudy.