Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another Fool / Death of a Screen Room

The rain last night was unreal. It poured down for about 4 hrs. straight. We had 2 in. of rain. About 9 pm just as I started to doze off on the couch I heard a crash. Fred and I jumped up and looked at each other. I opened the door and yep the screen room was down. Oh well one less thing to deal with.  This morning after Fred's out I started to try to take the top off so I could get to the stuff inside and let the water drain out of the top. I accomplished that and took the lights off and pulled out the chairs.

I quit and came in for my coffee. Steve stopped by to see if I decided to take it down. I told him the rain decided for me. Steve helped me at least move the frame out of the way. I sent Liz a text to let her know I would be late for out Walmart adventure due to the awning problem.  The next thing I know Liz and Lucy were here and things got under way. Lucy took as much of the frame apart as she could so it wouldn't fill up the dumpster. Liz and I moved things from the area that used to be under the screen room. We couldn't believe nothing was damaged. We spread out the top part so it could dry out and also the screening. By 8 am we finished  the clean up I jumped in the shower and we went off to breakfast.  Then Liz and I went off to do our shopping.

I don't know what I would do without these friends. They are right there all the time.

When I got home I packed up a few things. And then the text came.
This one was a beaut for sure. He claims he is an oceanographer and wanted to buy this for (are you ready) his further. WTH is a further? Anyway of course he was getting ready to go on assignment. I said let me guess and you need this trailer shipped to your dad's location. I said give it up and have a great trip. These fools don't give up easy. I wasn't in the mood for this crap. I told him I was a deep sea diver and to stay out of my waters and to not send anymore text messages or I would turn his phone number over to the scam police just like I did yesterdays fool. He hasn't sent anymore text messages. I have added to the Craig's list postings I will not answer any text messages.

The new awning will be installed tomorrow at 9 am if there is no more rain. Yahoo!

Good Night All


  1. Your day wasn't funny but it was pretty funny. jeeez these people ...

    sorry about your screen room but dang and rats almighty! how I envy you your friends...

  2. Out with the old.... in with the new. Sorry you are having to deal with these yahoo's. The right buyers are out there, they just haven't found you yet. Keep the faith!

  3. I love the way you handle the scamers. more power to you. I hate it when people are so desperate to sell they play right to them. hope tomorrow is a wonderful day for you.

  4. And the scammers keep on coming. Way to deal with them. I was thinking about buying it for my third cousin, but that was before the screen room was destroyed.

  5. Good morning Carolyn,

    Those people that run scams do it because they get away with it to many times.
    I have wonderful friends indeed.

    Hello klb,

    Yes out with old and in with the new. I'm sure there is a buyer out there. I'm in no hurry to go back to Tucson in this heat. I'll be patient.

    Hey Lucy,
    I figure why not mess with them. They called me I didn't call them so might as well give them hell right. LOL New awning is coming today if the rain holds out at least until this afternoon.

    Hi John,

    I went in and added I will not answer text messages. but half the fun is giving THEM a bad time.
    So how much to you want me to send you so you can transport the trailer to your 3rd cousin? Oh and I can buy a new screen room and send that too. :)

  6. Sorry about the demise of the screen room. But how wonderful you have friends there to help you whatever comes along.

    Good for you about the scammer. You are fantastic at dealing with them! :D

  7. Hello tinycamper,

    Well it's to bad it happened but at least nothing under that pool of water was damaged.

    I figured why shouldn't I give them a taste of their own annoying medicine.