Monday, July 15, 2013

Had Some Fool Trying

Got a text this morning about the trailer. Asked if it was still available and what condition. Then he asked exactly where it was so he could tell his transport guy to find out how much it would cost. I asked if he was a dealer and why would I give him this information since he didn't even make and offer. He was very persistent but all I gave him was the zip code. He still never made an offer. He then said it would cost $850. I said it wasn't my problem I didn't  ask him to move it. Of course then it was do you have a pay pal account? Me, no I don't.  He, well can you open one. Me OK this is not going to happen your game is over I will not open a pay pal and I want cold hard cash handed to me, no checks no money orders and I'm not sending you a damn thing. Haven't heard another word. He better sharpen his skills the dumb loser. I think I did a great job of recognizing that this was happening right from the get go. Yet it really bugs me when people think they have to tell me what to say and what to do. I believe I did just what I had to do. My daddy didn't raise no dummy.

But I did have a guy come look today he liked what he saw but the wife seems to be the boss and she wasn't here. I don't think anything will come of this since she wants a cabin. 8~)

Had a call from a guy who's friend just bought my neighbors place. He would like to be in this park. His friend is moving in this weekend and will come check out my place for Jack. We will see.

We are having a really nasty storm right now. It kind of hung here all day.

I cleared off the deck today in preparation for the new awning just in case I'm not here when he comes. He can call me and I will get back to finish paying him.

Good Night All


  1. you handled that great, scammers just sit and wait. good job, we got a flood over here also and my roof didn't leak. YEH!!!! nice and cool now

  2. Glad your daddy didn't raise no dummy, you've got a big job weeding out the con men. Keep on it, cash is best.

  3. Jo, so glad you knew not to play the scammer's game!

    I bet (hope) the guy whose friend just bought there will buy yours!

    I really want to read about your future camping adventures with your Aliner -- or whatever small trailer you end up with!

  4. It really gets to me and makes me furious when people think women can be taken advantage of on something like this. I know a lot about cars, more than most men for sure, and to have one talk down to me,,,well, they find out right quick how I feel about it. lol

  5. Hey ld,

    Thanks its sad how many people still fall for that stuff. But he must have bee getting pretty frustrated with me and my questions he finally gave up. Creep

    No more screen room caved in with all the rain.

    Hi John,

    I called his number it went to an automated voice mail. When he said his name he sounded like a foreigner. Hope he gets deported.

    Hello tinycamper,

    Your hear about this kind of thing everyday yet some people never learn.

    I hope it sells this quick now. I want to move on and have lots of new adventures.

    Hi Trouble,

    Really when will these guys learn not to mess with us. But I doubt whether he new I was a female we never talked only sent text. I hope I gave him an ulcer.

  6. good on you, Jo... amazing people who would fall for such stuff... giving someone personal information by text? jeeeeezus

    That sounds good... the guy that wants to be in that park! betcha that works out.

  7. When in doubt - cash is always best! :-)

  8. I've had the same kind of scammers out here do the very same thing. They show no interest in the item itself just in paying you which is clearly bullchit. I finally modified my add saying if you aren't interested in coming to see the item then clearly you are a scammer and don't contact me.

    The requests died off to only include people actually interested in what I was selling. I'm glad you spotted the crook so quickly, many people fall for it, you're right, you ain't no dummy! :)


  9. Hey Carolyn,

    These creeps all have the same line of crap. Never made and offer they look for you to pay for transporting the item end of story they don't want your item just the money. Yes it's sad that people still fall for this.

    Hi Diva,

    Yes mention cold hard cash in my hand and they give up and go away.

    Hi Erik,

    I went in and added NO TEXT MESSAGES WILL BE ANSWERED!. Had another one today said if your interested call me direct. No call. Yesterday I played right back with the jerk but today I am tired and don't want to play. LOL