Sunday, July 14, 2013

Quiet Sunday

Kind of did nothing today but sure glad the place was straightened and clean.

I still hadn't been feeling so good so I guess the perfume was just the icing on the cake yesterday. I think it is the new pills they ordered for me that has turned my stomach upside down. So I cut the dose in half. They also made me sleepy. Don't have time for sleeping the day away.

Just when I was putting my salad together a couple called from outside my trailer wondering if it was OK for them to come in. I said come on in. They didn't have much to say and did a quick look. I think they felt bad about seeing my lunch sitting on the counter. I don't think they were interested anyway just looking.

I just laid around for the rest of the day. Of course Fred and I walked a few times.

Tomorrow I must get busy packing up my stuff.

It was another very stormy day without the rain.

Good Night All


  1. I always looked forward to the neighborhood snoops when I put up a for sale sign.

  2. Good morning John,
    Yes they do come don't they. And they are always looking at it for a friend.

  3. Sorry you feel bad... I hate that kind of feeling ... upset stomach is no good

    I know that I always like to look at stuff for sale ~ especially is it's in a campground type place. always interested me how others RV... even though I knew I'd never want to tow a trailer.... maybe the Casita or ALiner...

    I did this with an ALiner ... the owner was very proud but just wanted something a bit larger. I still just did not want to tow.

    Well? here's to a great Monday and a buyer. I'm still working on getting organized ... what a todo

  4. Hello Carolyn,

    Yes looking at other set ups is fun. Or just wondering about the possibility of what can be done.

    Feeling better so far today. I need to get busy moving things outside for when they come to install the new awning before it gets to hot.

  5. Always got something going on, don't ya?

    Busy as a little beaver!

  6. Hi Jim my friend,
    Yes and if I don't get off my butt the guy is going to show up and all that stuff will be in his way.
    You have a great day!