Monday, July 8, 2013

No Rain Today

Today was the dreaded laundry day.  Did 2 loads early this morning.
I was walking with Fred and the lady across the way asked if I wanted to go to lunch. Sure I do I was just going to go running around doing something even if it was wrong. So I took Fred home closed up all the windows and turned on the A/C as it was really muggy. When I went to the car another lady was there too. We had a nice lunch in a really nice place called My Lil' Bakery. The smell was to die for. But I was good and had a salad and ice tea. Linda and Donnas bought goodies to take home. OH the pain of being a good girl and passing this up.

We made plans to visit the Show Low Museum on Wed. Donnas' brother volunteers there and runs the trains. I was in once I hear about the trains.

I may be taking a trip home to unload some  things from here. But I will make sure it won't be in the triple digits first.

Good Night All


  1. Good idea not heading down the hill with triple digit temps.

  2. Good Morning John,

    It will be an over night trip and out again. Just heard there is a fire in Kerny and that may make a difference

  3. You get "one gold star" for doing your laundry, but FIVE gold stars for "resisting bakery temptation!" :-)

  4. Hi Diva,

    Well thank you for all the gold stars. That was so hard for me to pass up. Maybe I will win this battle after all.

  5. Sounds like a hard place to resist! The smell alone would do me in!

  6. Hi Jim,
    Man that was not a good place to be in let me tell you! I wanted to throw myself on the case. LOL

  7. Boy that Tyler who commented above sure has been a busy sole. He's spammed every blog I've been on tonight, including mine. Guess we are ALL "awesome writers"

    A salad and ice tea sounds like a good decision. Congrats on your willpower.

  8. Hi Phyllis,
    These people always find a way to get through. I would hate to have to go in and change this even more to where you have to read them first to allow them to be shown. They need to get a life already.

    Thanks that was a real test yesterday. :( or is it :)

  9. then dont come anytime soon. LOL there is no break from triple digits!