Sunday, July 28, 2013

Not To Busy

I have been waking up way to early.  I do not want to be up at 4 - 4:30 am. I stayed in bed and waited to fall back to sleep. Well it didn't happen so I got up around 5 and took a shower and got dressed.

Fred and I went for a walk. I had a really nice cup of coffee and read some blogs and watched tunes that the Hermit puts up every Sunday on his blog.

I had to go to Walmart so 6:40 I left the house. I was amazed to see that many people there already. I wouldn't have even gone to the Super Store if I didn't want to pick up the memory foam topper for my bed. I think the Neighbor Hood Market or what ever they call it has a better selection of things. Now I will have to go to the smaller store to pick up the items I didn't find there.

I put away the groceries and had another cup of coffee while the memory foam unfolded itself. I was putting that on when my daughter showed up. She said what happened to the house? I said I came home. And here I thought I was doing such a good job of putting things away. We sat and caught up on the wedding plans.

We went to lunch and talked non stop. We talked non stop back here at the house too.

After she left I finished making up the bed and put the sheets in the washer.

I put a few more things away and emptied another box and will now have a bigger one to start adding things to it for the yard sale.

We didn't have any rain today and it was less humid so it wasn't to bad.

Now to go sit and watch some mindless TV.

Good Night All


  1. Sounds like you finally got a bit slower day. Enjoy the mindless TV.

  2. I have an absolute mess in my living room and kitchen from the trip I just took, and have until next Saturday to get it all in order for my BIG trip to NY. Right now it looks hopeless!

  3. I don't think I have ever gone to Walmart at 6:40 in the morning! Wish I had your energy! :)

  4. I can relate! Could not sleep so here I am at 5:30 am on the computer. Over the weekend we had granddaughters there and they are early risers - was then wishing they would let us sleep. I am thinking of heading back to bed now.

    Betcha Walmart wasn't crowded at 6:40!

  5. Good morning John,
    Yes it was a nice slow day with one of my daughters. Mindless TV put me to sleep in my chair. haha

    Hello Gypsy,

    At least most of the piles are gone. I even dusted the bedroom after made the bed.
    You'll get it done before your leave Sat.

    Hello Sharon,

    I have been there even earlier around the holidays I hate all the crowds. It isn't energy so much as the dislike of the crowds.

    Hello Phyllis,

    I usually get up around 5:30 when it is light out and take Fred for his first outs. As it gets darker we go out later.

  6. I want to clean my RV, but am stuck inside of a house with contractors instead! Grrrr.

  7. Hi Cyn,
    Are any of them good looking? Maybe you can play a sympathy card and they will clean it for you. :)