Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tired, Dog Tired

Got a lot done today. Stopped the mail from being forward, signed and got paid for the trailer, had direct TV turned on, canceled the propane account and picked up boxes. Started to load the truck and a nasty storm moved in of course. But I figured that was going to happen so it was mostly camping stuff which will not be ruined by getting wet. Lucy came to help as always. So all I have to do is load up the food in the morning and hit the road. Lucy took Fred to her place so I won't have to worry about walking him in the morning and it gave me front seat space to pile my clothes on.

When we finished Lucy treated me to dinner at Red Devil. Neither of us realized how tired we were until we sat down to eat.

I took these pictures yesterday as a storm was moving in but forgot to download them yesterday. It is a pain to put pictures on blog since they changed the format or what ever they did. Don't know why they made this change. With each picture you have to go back a find the file again and start going through all the pictures again. So lets see how many I download before I get annoyed.

I know I will really miss all this.

Good Night All


  1. I think you probably need to take Lucy with you, she's such a wonderful help.

  2. You can always come back for a visit ~ really pretty campground plus you can't leave Lucy for too long...

    g'night! and when you wake up ... there was more to my post than wind farms. I referenced you ~ ;) ... being dog tired, it's either falling into bed or being too tired to sleep ~ always something

  3. Gorgeous photos, Jo. And when you get your camper, you will be able to go to even more beautiful places!

    Good luck with the move. It's exhausting, I know!

  4. I know when I moved from my house I couldn't imagine not seeing the familiar things I loved for so many years but each day is a new adventure full of new wonders and joys. I sometimes miss the familiar but love the excitement of the unknown. I look forward to your new beginnings too. You got some great cloud pics!

  5. the fourth clould one looks like a flying horse, its awesome as are all your pictures

  6. Whoops I fell behind on reading your blog. Congratz on the sale of your trailer. Good Luck on finding a camper! Looking for some good spots up the mountains. Let me know.

  7. Good Afternoon John,

    Lucy lives in Tucson in the winter. She is a great friend and always ready to help out. Of course she won't be back for a few months but I may be back up there sooner than later.

    Hi Carolyn,

    this is this the first chance I have had to get on the computer. So haven't had time to go back. But maybe Friday.

    Hello tinycamper,

    Yes I am so tired and still have more waiting for me up there tomorrow.

    Looking forward to looking for my new camper.

    Hi KLB,

    I didn't realize how much stuff there was. I could have fit more into the truck but didn't want to beat myself up to bad with that drive ahead of me.
    But I am OK because I know I have some great adventures ahead of me soon.

    Hey Ms. Lucy,
    Good eye! Going to check out that new canon next week I think. See you tomorrow. Hug Fred for me.

    Hi Nomad,

    I will be back up next month for a camping trip so I will be looking for you then. Thanks

  8. :) Beautiful pictures, get some rest. :)

  9. Hi Erik,

    Thank You and I am so ready for a rest tonight.