Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What A Day

I woke up to a brisk morning. The rain had really cooled things down over night.

I went off to Walmart early this morning and it was already packed.
I knew I was having a problem with my phone but the store including electronics was packed. I figured I would go back on Friday to take care of it. Well as soon as I got home the phone died. I really needed the phone to work as the guy fixing my awning was going to call me. I sent him a text to let him know the phone wouldn't allow calls so just text me with amount and address.  So then it stopped sending texts also. I brought up Straight Talk online and sent an e-mail to them. I then figured let me call them. Of course they want me to call on MY other phone. I told her I don't have another phone. She kept insisting I use another phone. Well I finally told her we were done and hung up. So its back to Walmart tomorrow and see what they can come up with. This is the first time I have ever had a problem with this service and I have been using them for about 4 yrs.

We had some thunder and the wind blew pretty hard. It started to rain but then nothing. It blew over pretty fast.

As the storm leaves the area.

Good Night All


  1. Shame on you not keeping another phone so you can talk when the first one fails. I guess I would be in the same boat. Nobody told me I needed a spare phone.

  2. Good morning John,

    I tell you I am just the most shameful person ever. Even if I could borrow someone else's phone it might take forever. I have talked to people who where on the phone for an hour and then the call was dropped.
    Happy fourth John!

  3. love the cloud picture ... and call from another phone? morons.

    hate having to deal with frustrations... I just don't like it.

    Happy Fourth!

  4. Well my anger seems to have worked the phone is fixed so far.

    Happy Fourth!