Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Can We Say Storm?

Today was great it was cool with a slight breeze.
Sat out and started a new book. Took a nice long walk with Fred and one with out him so I could pick up some speed. Of course there were shorter walks with Fred.

The clouds started to build around 4 pm and the breeze started to pick up.

After all the walks I came in to take a shower. By time I finished it was really blowing out there and getting dark. Around 5:30 it started to rain buckets it was great and the temperature really dropped. The rain lasted a good 30 min. The lightening was close and the thunder was loud and shook the house about 3 times.

After it quit I took Fred out and the screen room awning had 2 pockets of water on each end. But I was able to empty them by standing in the screen room thus not getting soaked again.

I took some of these pictures last week while waiting to be picked up at the garage with the Kodak

These pictures were taken with the Canon yesterday morning
 This was taken today this guy is just to fast to get a good shot of.
Lewis's Woodpecker

Good Night All


  1. Looks like the woodpecker is working pretty hard on your feeder.

  2. Got soaked up here and hail covered the ground. About time live a good storm.

  3. Good morning John,

    Some said they were mean but the little birds go after him quick.

    Hello Nomad,

    Interesting storm up your way. But it was great much needed for sure.

  4. Good pictures, Jo! ::Jack waves to Fred::

  5. Hello Nancy,

    Thank you. Fred tried to wave back but his legs are to short. :)

  6. The pictures are very good. Did the rain freshen things up, or just make it more humid?

  7. Hi Gypsy,

    It really dropped the temps and I had to close all the windows last night to sleep. It was nice.

    Glad you like my pictures.