Friday, August 16, 2013

A Little Faith Restored

 The truck is back and the brakes feel great. What a difference.

The check came in the mail today so I take half of what I said about the camper guy back. But only half as he put a crimp in my plans.

Tomorrow I will order the camper from a local place. I talked to one of my neighbors today who bought his from this same guy. At least I know someone who dealt with him and he was very happy.

Starting to feel better too. Didn't spend my day coughing up a lung, just coughing but not bad like yesterday.

But let me tell you it is so hot here it was 106. So I didn't do much.
I did replace my GPS and went to the bank to put the check in and the money I was holding back to finish paying for the camper. This guy will take a check.

That's about it.

Good Night All


  1. What a difference a day makes, things have finally turned around for you and seem headed in the right direction.


  3. Good news! indeed... ;) See? Murphy be damned and full RVing ahead...

  4. Good morning John,
    Yes they are turning around lets hope they keep going in the right direction now. :)

    Hi Lucy,

    I might even have to do the Snoopy dance.

    Hello Carolyn,

    Here's hoping it all goes well today when I order the Leer.

  5. Jo, I'm so glad your brakes are fixed... and happy and surprised that you got your money back on the camper order. Sure hope you have a better experience with the new dealer!

    So glad you are feeling better.

    Our weather is at the opposite extreme. We are having record breaking lows. We are also at 15" over normal in rainfall so far this year. I will definitely take our weather over that terrible heat you are dealing with! Wish I could share ours with you! :)

  6. Hi Sharon,

    Yes I was very surprised to see the check so fast.
    I'm sure he knew I would go to the parent company in a flash.

    I am feeling better and hope the same for you.
    I ran errands yesterday and this morning and couldn't wait to get home as much as I hate being stuck in the house. But the heat is awful. the weather is crazy everywhere it seems.

    Take care.

  7. Crazy just about says it all! We go from storms and rain to hot and humid in just a few hours!

    Glad you are on track again with the camper!

  8. Hi Jim,
    I can't wait to get out of town again. But I have a feeling it won't be so hot by then. But that's OK I' m leaving anyway. :)

  9. Jo, have you looked at the Tabs? I saw my friend's for the first time, yesterday, and I was really impressed with it. It's small, but she had a lot of storage for it's size. She pulls with a small car so she needed light weight.