Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Camper That Isn't

Yesterday morning I called the guy who is supposed to be building my camper. I asked how it was going and he said just fine and was starting on the back portion. I asked for pictures as he said he would do. The he started asking questions that he should have already had the answers to. I wasn't liking the feeling this as giving me. Last night when I finished my post I looked in my e-mail and there was and e-mail from this so called camper builder. He was informing me that he had a big commitment in TX and would be able to build the camper as he will be way to busy. He said he could bring me my money or mail it and if he mailed it he would add $40. for my gas money that was wasted in the trip up there last week. If I don't have the check by Saturday I will call the parent company and report his work ethics. I have a receipt and a witness to me paying him. I would hope he isn't that dumb to try and pull something like that. So know I have to start looking for something else. I talked to a guy just before all this started that deals in Leer. He gave me a price and I called him back today. I asked of we could have the height raised and he said yes. The only problem with these are they are not finished on the inside. And it will take 3 weeks for delivery. That might make it tight for the big camping trip Sept. 15 for a 2 week stay in Big Lake. I won't order this until I have that check in hand and know it is a good check.

Other annoying things are the truck brakes. Who ever working on them in the past must have been some shade tree mechanic as they were not spec drums or what ever he called them and ceramic brake pads. So they are changing everything out and I will get the truck back tomorrow.

While I feel a little better the coughing is really starting to bug me. But I haven't heard anything so I guess I'm not dying. Or they just don't know yet which is probably the case.

And the heat here is awful. Right now it is thundering and lightening but I just couldn't catch it so I am not happy with the new camera. Of course maybe if I read the book instead of complaining about being stuck at home and the heat I might figure out how to speed up the snapping.

Good Night All


  1. Intersting skies! Yes, read that camera manual...haha, I have a little point & shoot that I need to change the settings on to get clearer pics. I've only had 7 years & haven't read that manual yet!
    Sorry about the Trailer, that sucks. I hope all works out! Feel better soon.

    1. Oops, I meant Camper Shell, not Trailer...but I know how disappointed you must be over it all.

  2. Seems like you have had a stretch of aggravation lately. Hope things get much better for you very soon!

  3. When all else fails read the manual.

    Maybe all these delays are a message not to be in any hurry. You can always use the tent. It is a hassle though.

  4. Jo, so sorry about the camper. It seemed like a beautiful solution for your camping needs.

    I think I must have the same thing you have. Coughing kept me awake all last night. No fun!

    Lets both get well soon! :)

  5. forget the lighting the rain in the clould is beautiful. All this agrivation will be in the past real soon. make you strong cup of strong peppermint tea, and you and fred set on porch and relax. and while your there read the manual, hahahah squeeeeeze fred for me

  6. You sure are having a time of it getting that camper.

  7. Hi Cyn,

    The dark streaks you see coming from the orange is rain. Of course all we got was thunder and lightning no rain.

    I never really read the manual for the other camera either it just makes my head hurt.

    This camper thing is driving me crazy.

    Hello 2 Tramps,

    Yes being here in this heat seems to make it all worse. It will work out if my patience hold.

    Hi John,

    I may just use the tent and see how it all works out. Need to find the battery powered heater as it is going to be pretty cold up there when we go.

    I'll try to read the manual today or sometime soon. :)

    Hello Sharon,

    I sure hope we both get over this mess we seem to have. The coughing is really annoying already.

    I don't understand why this camper is being such a problem. But I refuse to give up my quest.

    Hi Lucy,

    Sit on the porch??? It's hotter than hell out there and the mosquitoes are eating me alive. Oh girl I keep wondering if I would be having this problem in the mountains. Well I know the mosquitoes would be there but not the heat. And you my friend are there to run around to all the 2nds with.

    Hello Judy,

    I tell you Judy this is really a pain.

  8. Jo, I've been away from the computer for a while so was disappointed to come back to read about your camper. One way to think about it is if the guy is so undependable and irresponsible, what kind of work would he have put into your camper. You might be lucky that he didn't start to build. Pats to Fred. There's no way to catch up. What do you do when there's just too many blogs to catch up on?