Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Visit

Our friend Cathy showed up early this morning to try and fix the desk top. Of course I didn't have the disk. I don't think one came with it as I had the package and no disk. The we talked about the HP lap top that hasn't worked in 2 yrs. That I had a disk for. Cathy called and asked for a password. I never put one that I could remember. So I went through it's box and the receipt said I paid $60. for that disk.  So I guess you no longer get a disk to repair unless you pay for it. It also said you really don't need a disk. WTH? And I don't have one for the Toshiba either. OH Well.

Went to my  Dr. apt. he had a lot of tests ordered and I had to go for a chest x ray. Was running a low grade temp. I was tested for the flu and that was neg. So West Nile was also ordered since I had so many nasty bites. And who know what else. I have been running a fever on an off most of today. Took a few naps.

So my road trip this weekend is off as I sure don't want to be in some filthy Motel to add to this what ever.

Good Night All


  1. left a comment on yesterdays, sure hope you feel better

  2. Jo, I sure hope they find out what is wrong soon. In the meantime, napping is the best thing you can do to speed up your body's healing.

    Do take care of yourself. I'll be so glad when you are feeling your old self again. :)

  3. So sorry, Jo... what a bummer. keep us posted.


  4. Hi Lucy,

    You guys are going to empty out the lakes before I can get back! Poor Liz always loses the big ones. Maybe I will catch that one. I'll call you in a bit about coming up.

    Hi John,

    Thanks me too don't like this one bit.

    Hello Sharon,

    Thank you I hate laying around and not doing anything.

    Hi Carolyn,

    I hope by Tue. I either feel better or they know what's going on. Thank You.

  5. JO - Most computers come with a "restore partition" and no disks so Cathy should be able to use that to rebuild the computer(s) by the boot up prompts.

    For HP it's F11. Here is a link for how it works.

    For Toshiba here is their method for performing a recovery.


  6. I hope you feel better soon! :)


  7. When she did all that it asked for a disk. Go Figure! That's why I quit doing HP anything. so far nock on wood the Toshiba has been great once we got Norton out of it.
    Thanks Erik

  8. Oh, gee, Jo, I'm sorry to hear your still not feeling well. I hope it's nothing but a passing bug, but at least you seem to be eliminating everything else. Please keep us posted about results. Hugs and scratches to Fred.

  9. Jo, I had to create my own back up/restore disks on my new netbook (Acer). I had to burn around 15 disks, so be prepared for that!

  10. TexCyn makes a great point, depending on the model, some systems ask you to create the restore disks, HP is one of them. This depends on the model of course, go figure right?