Friday, August 23, 2013

A Little Of This And A Little Of That

This morning was absolutely perfect. I opened all the windows and turned on all the fans. It sure felt good. It didn't get to warm until almost 10 am but that was it. The temps rose pretty fast after that.
I think and hope that today was the last of the triple digits for at least a week.

I was checking the temps up in the White Mountains and the nights are getting down there. Figured I better start checking out heaters. I sure don't need anything large but will need something. I found a few that run off propane canisters. The first one was $80. I sure didn't want to pay that for actually nothing much. After a few more sites I checked Amazon and found it for $39. free shipping and no tax. I ordered it. The only thing I really worry about is Fred knocking it over so I will crate him at night. And leave a window cracked open.

I know I said the bathroom was done but I wasn't happy with the shelf. So I took it down and separated them, I then hung them individually. Not real crazy about that but will think on it and see what I come up with.

Cathy dropped off the HP Laptop today but as of yet I have not set it up. I need to call HP and ask them to send me a CD for the desk top as none could be found on line. Cathy thinks something went wrong with the programing since no virus was found. After trying every thing that it asked for it then asked for the CD. I never had one as one never came with the computer. Since the laptop is Vista the CD for that will not work.

We had lots of thunder and dark clouds but the rain didn't come until around 5:30. It didn't last long but as I sit here I can hear that it is raining again slow and steady.

Tomorrow I will shop for Smileys birthday present. I can't believe he will be 2 already.

Good Night All


  1. Night, Jo. I was thinking today how the days are getting shorter and fall will be here soon. Definitely will need that heater! :)

  2. Sound like you are going to be ready for the cold nights in the mountains.

  3. Hi Sharon,

    Yes the days are getting shorter and I am getting up later.

    Yes the nights in the mountains are getting pretty cold talked to my friend said they went fishing the other morning and it was chilly.

    Good Morning John,

    Have to be ready for the change have sweats,sweat jackets, beanies and heavy socks.

  4. 55 up here this morning inside the van. I've used the Mr Heater portable buddy for four years now . Has tip over and low oxygen protection. Looking forward to seeing the new camper.

  5. Hi Nomad,

    Are you on your property or back up in the mountains? I bought the Coleman SportCat. I can't wait to get the camper. I have lots of ideas but since I really don't know what the inside room will be it's hard to set up in my mind.
    Be looking forward to seeing you again.

  6. Up near greens peak and sheep's crossing right now just after the the big lake turn off. The camper will come together nicely once you have it there to tinker with.

  7. Hi Nomad.
    Oh and I haven't forgotten your name but didn't know if you wanted it out there. I know where sheep's crossing is didn't know there was camping around there.

  8. We did get lucky & had a few cool nights, well, around 69 that is with lower humidity. But now we're back to high humidity & sticky nights. Thank goodness for air conditioning!

  9. missed this post... I tell ya... my blog roll does not update sometime... I dunno ... I know nothing.

    Well glad you had cool temperatures ~ we're back up in triple digits and humidity ... ahhhh August

    Remodeling... thank goodness for stores that let you take stuff back. that's what I do. think it will be just the thing I need ... get it home and what? was I thinking... ~!^