Thursday, August 22, 2013

In Search Of

Since I had to go for blood work this morning I couldn't have coffee. But I have such crummy veins I had to drink lots of water before I went. No problem doing the draw.

I was headed to Michael's in search of small shelves for the bathroom, so I stopped at Starbucks for coffee. It was so hot I couldn't even drink it.

Went on to Michael's to find out they no longer carry the small shelves. Along that strip are Ross, Marshall's and Anna's with a few other stores in between. So left the truck down at Michael's and walked to the other stores. Not one store had  shelves of any kind. I was going to try some of the other stores but I figured I needed to go home and have some breakfast and try and get rid of the headache that started yesterday.

I took some sinus stuff and a Tylenol walked Fred.  I started to feel better so I figured I go look at the Family Dollar Store. Yep found a little window box double shelf. It was a close fit but it worked. I consider the bathroom finished.

It looked like we were going to get a pretty bad storm so I walked Fred for a about a block and the wind and thunder started to pick up.
Waited for the storm but it never rained the wind blew pretty hard but just quit as fast as it came.

I want my camper!

Good Night All


  1. Rained here all afternoon. Hope the tests come out fine.

  2. The coffee was too hot or the weather to hot ... either way ... a bummer. Starbucks is too expensive to toss.

    Of course, I hope your tests come out great and I want you to have your camper! SOB Murphy

  3. Good morning John,

    Thanks John.

    Hello Carolyn,

    The coffee was scorching hot. After I went to all the stores and did all that walking around it was still hot. Of course by then it was plenty hot outside. But I enjoyed it with my breakfast. I would never toss their coffee if it got cold I'd just add ice cubes. :)

  4. I want you to have your camper, too! Little storage things that you can pick up, like your shelf, will probably help outfit your camper, too.

    I use a lot of smaller plastic drawer units in the Casita to help organize canned goods, spices, etc. I drill a hole in the top so I can string a mini bungee from the bottom to the top to keep the drawers closed while we bump down the road. I use the rubber stuff you put under rugs to keep them from sliding under the drawers to keep them in place.

    When is yours supposed to be ready?

  5. I use those drawers too. I put little screws with tiny eye hooks in the top of the frame so they can be turned up when needing in the drawer and down for travel so they don't slide open. Just ordered a heater from Amazon. I hope it comes the first week in Sept. so many ideas floating around my head.