Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Another Day

It was a little cooler this morning but not much better in the humidity. Did have a slight breeze so that helped dry things up a little and the sun was out for most of the day.

Took 2 bags of clothes to the donation place and a paper cutter.

Then stopped to talk to my sister who just got back from NJ to visit her kids and grand kids. Filled me in on all the things  she did and cousins and aunts. It was nice to hear about them all.

And that was my day.

Good Night All


  1. Night, Jo. Sounds like a nice easy-going day. :)

  2. Hi Sharon,
    I'm done with the nice easy days. I want to go. LOL

  3. The rain has followed me to New Mexico. 98% humidity. Oh well.

  4. Good morning John,
    sorry about the rain. We had 2 days of sun and now it is back to heavy clouds and more rain. 8~(

  5. Have you gone back to Jersey for any visits? I'd like to be up north about now!

  6. I haven't been back to NJ in about 35 yrs. I miss the ocean but I can always go to TX. for that or CA. Now for me up north is AZ. I miss being there a lot.