Tuesday, August 27, 2013

More Delays

Another humid day but no rain. And it went back up into the 100's again today.

I received a call this morning that there is a delay in the camper shipment to Sep. 16. UM I was leaving the 15th. He said he would keep on them at Leer to get them moving on this but can't promise me much. I'm starting to get the feeling I am not meant to go on this camping trip. But I went ahead and bought the fan fold insulation today which I will put over reflex insulation. I read where someone did it this way and have not had any problems. It has a blue finish so at least in the meant time it will not look ugly. They are not going to carry this anymore at Lowe's so it was $10. less than regular price.

The weeds sure are sprouting out there with all this rain. I went to get my spray and there wasn't enough to do a small area. So I picked up a 2 gallon size since they said they couldn't sell the other smaller ones because something dripped on the container. So go get a rag and clean it off. I think I was getting a little cranky after the call this morning. And then trying to find some one to help me in the store.

The wind was picking up and I as afraid the insulation would fly out of the bed so I had to use the netting. I have so much trouble using that thing. Can't figure out which end goes where. I need to put tape on each corner hook and one in the middle of the longer sides.

Good Night All


  1. I think someone was being a little silly about a drip falling on a container. Sorry about the camper shipment, maybe Leer will surprise you.

  2. I am thinking I would be cranky too!

  3. Good morning John,

    Really it wasn't like it was wet. The 2 gl. sure was heavy. I thought about putting it in my red flyer but the yard has some tight spots and a few hills. Got my work out. I hope Vic can light a fire under those guys.

    Hi Phyllis,

    I just want to get out of this heat. My daughter said to rent a Cabin at Madera, but the prices have sky rocketed.

  4. Too bad about the delay. I know you are getting frustrated!

  5. I would be cranky as well! Funny reason to not sell the smaller versions, that's a first! More profit in the larger version... hmmmm...

    I hope Vic gets their rear ends in gear and you're able to get out on the 15th.


  6. Hi Kim,

    It is getting very frustrating. But I keep telling myself it gives me more time to organized what I need and put things together. Just want to get out there and move.

    Hello Erik,

    It would have cost more to buy 2 smaller ones. But the big one came with a battery powered pump YIPPEEE it still was giving me a blister. LOL

    I sure hope Vic can get this done sooner but I won't get to excited about it.

  7. Thanks for the heads up on the Lowes/reflectix! I didn't know they are discontinuing this, so I'm going to get a back up roll. You never know when it'll come in handy.
    Sorry about the camper, I hope there will be Some way they can get it done earlier!!