Monday, August 26, 2013

Happy Birhtday Anthony!

The humidity was horrible today. And it has rained on and off most of the day with lots of thunder.

But I did make it to see Smiley for his birthday. I was almost there when I realized  I forgot my stinkin camera. So I had to steal some pictures from my daughters face book. We had a good time. Then he was off to Penny's for pictures.
He had a cake with black icing can you tell?
 His mom got him this hair cut for his birthday. That was the theme for the big party on Sat.
I came home and unpacked a few more bags that came out of the motor home. Yes it has been that long. But made another bag of donations which I will take down tomorrow.

I found a blanket I started to crochet a few years ago and found more yarn to hopefully finish it and send it off to the VA with 2 others I found

Time to kick back and relax now.

Good Night All


  1. Very cute! They didn't do haircuts like that when we were kids. :)


  2. I need the name of Anthony's barber, I think I like the style. Happy birthday Smiley.

  3. Happy Birthday baby boy! how cute is that... that is really his hair? or a paint on kind of thing... I guess he has to have a mirror constantly to look at it... black cake?

  4. smiley is a perfect name for him, he is a cutie, love the hair. big lake is callllliiinnnngggg.

  5. Hi Erik,

    I have been seeing more of these hair cuts lately. Not just Mickey but lots of different ones. It used to be lightening strikes now it faces, cars, etc.

    Hello John,

    I guess any barber with a skill in art can do these.

    Hi Carolyn,

    Yes that is his hair. Wish I had a talent like that these guess are making a fortune. The frosting was black because it was supposed to be Mickey mouse.

    Hi Lucy,

    That baby has always had a big smile on his face. Got him some books and at certain parts as you read you push shapes and it plays music of course he just wanted the music. LOL

    Yes I hear the call too.

  6. The Mickey Mouse made me laugh out loud! :D

  7. Hi Sharon,

    I asked him what was on his head? A mouth was his answer

  8. He is so cute - I'll bet he was diggin' the new do!