Sunday, August 25, 2013

Nice Sunday

The humidity was really high right from the start this morning.

I pre mixed the meat loaf or turkey loaf I should say. Just about time for them to come I made the mashed potatoes and green bean salad. We enjoyed all the food and the pie that went wrong wasn't bad either. It just wouldn't set so I froze it and we ate it like frozen yogurt. Don't know what went wrong I have been making this for years. But they enjoyed it and took the rest home.

Tracy's friend Tony will be getting her own apt. soon so we went through all the stuff I was getting rid of and now I only have a small amount of stuff to get rid of.

After we ate it started to thunder and I had wanted them to help me fold the fake grass but was afraid it would start raining. But they didn't think it would take all that long so we started to unroll it and here came the rain. LOL but we got it done without it getting soaked.

Aliya, was talking about some kind of lights to string around her, room so we, went back out into the shed and looked for the lights I, had brought back from Pinetop, she, was happy. Also went into the cabinet for some hair products that I, didn't need or use and other things she, needed. I think she left a happy kid, and I was happy to empty out a cabinet.

I went back out there and started sorting through the camping stuff and emptied another plastic draw that needs to go into the camper for clothing.

All in all it was a good day. Now I'm tired and ready to rest.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Good Night All


  1. How wonderful to find someone who can use the things you wanted to get rid of! Good for you and them!

    I giggled at your frozen pie. Sounds like a brilliant recovery from disaster!

  2. I got the rain up here on I-40. I'm in New Mexico now and it's still following me.

  3. Hello Sharon,

    Yes I was happy to give her those things and she was thrilled to have them. It was like watching a kid in a candy store. she recently lost her mother so she has been renting a bedroom at Tracy's. Just glad she has them.

    I figured the frozen pie would work and it did. :)

    Good morning John,

    Really don't like driving in the rain much. I hope it stops soon for both of us. I here it's still raining in Pinetop too. It rained here for hours.