Thursday, August 8, 2013

No Go!

When we got in the truck and went to put in the address in the GPS it wasn't there  ! When I go to the car wash I never leave it in there I always take it out and put it in my purse. I guess this time I just didn't and some little Punk helped them selves to it. So back in the house we came to google the directions and set off.

It was a great ride and we had some good laughs and I caught up on some of the people that we all hung with many years ago.

When we pulled in the guy was waiting and before I could even shut off the truck he said it won't fit that bed. WTH! The bed is long enough but not wide enough. I was not a happy camper today.
It was blazing hot there the mosquitoes were attacking me from all sides.

He said he could build me one to fit. As we took measurements I remembered a shell I had once before and asked about that instead. The full camper with the box was going to take away to much floor space. So this will just be a big shell and all insulated, electric, vent fan and still have little storage cabinets in the front. Also will cost $360 less than the full camper and sure will weigh a lot less too. It will not have a bed I will just use my cot and finish the bottom with insulation and what ever else I want on there. Of course this will take 3-4 weeks to build.

I will still go on the camping trip but will just use my tent. It will be just fine.

Good Night All


  1. Another balloon popped, so sorry, but maybe it will work out for the best.

  2. I hate when a plan that seemed to come together goes south.... Sorry. You certainly have been getting practice at choosing a positive attitude. Glad you are remaining positive, wishing you less practice.

  3. as I said on FB ... dang

    rat bastard thieves... 3 - 4 more weeks. I don't think I can take it. I'm going to do a Snoopy dance... I think we ALL ought to do a Snoopy dance when you get yer rig all decked out and go away innit.

    At least you managed to have a few laughs today and you're going camping regardless! good

  4. Good morning John,

    It will be better. And much lighter too. Even though they said I can carry lots of weight I still like the even less better. :)

    Hi klb,

    There is no sense in getting to upset. It will work out just will take longer.

    Hey Carolyn,

    Yes we had a good journey I just felt bad for my friend as he really can't take the heat and this all took so long at the guys house. And I know my driving was driving him crazy, LOL

    And yes nasty Rat Bastards I hope they get busted for stealing things out of peoples cars and does some time for it.

  5. Sorry about your GPS. Shame things like that happen. Good to see your sense of humor is still in tact. Sounds like you'll get the camper you want even though this one didn't fit. Good for you. Pats to Fred.

  6. Hello Nancy,

    My daughter said to go to a pawn shop. They saw some there for $50. Guess I'll try there first.
    I find that getting really angry doesn't fix much.
    So I just get a little angry and then get over it. :)

  7. Such a disappointment. I'm so sorry.

    But I am very excited about seeing what he builds for you.