Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tomorrow Is The Day

Was a decent day today. A little warmer than yesterday but still not a bad day.

Went to lunch with my friend Ron as a thank you for helping me with the second load when I came back to Tucson. It was a nice peaceful lunch.

I finally went for a hair cut today. I 'll see how I like it tomorrow when I do my own thing with it.

Then went to the bank to get the money for the camper. I was feeling a little uneasy about going alone with that amount of money so I asked my friend Tom to come with me. He agreed I would be better off not going alone and was happy to take the trip. So around 9 am we will take off for Casa Grande. I dug out my little stool so I can get in since there is no way I will be able to get up with out it.

I am so ready for this and will put my stuff in it Friday morning since it will be pretty hot in there by time we get back. It is supposed to get really hot again so early mornings with a fan will be the only time to work in there for a while.

Will take pictures and post tomorrow. I know some of you have gone to the site to check it out. But they are all a little different on the inside. I'm not to sure what this one looks like inside since the picture wasn't all that good. But it has the bed and the electric set up for shore power and a set up for a TV which I don't really care about. I do have one but not into it anyway. I'd rather use it for a coffee maker. Now I will be able to clear out some of the shed and see what all I can get rid of.

Good Night All


  1. YES YES YES what will you do with a clean shed?????

  2. I was one of those that had to check out the web site, but I'm really looking forward to seeing yours.

  3. Can't wait to see it! it's been a looooong tme coming.. I'm excited for you. They don't take checks, I guess or a cashier's check? don't know how much you're paying but whatever it is I bet it's over $20... That's all I ever carry.

    There was new story today about filling up with gas. You know how we leave our purses and such in the car while filling up... seems there's a wave of thieves waiting for this and as the woman is occupied with filling her tank... they move in..

    it was unbelievable how quickly they snatched purses! I don't carry a purse any longer ... just a palm purse that fits in my pocket or well, palm..

    rat bastards.

    Hurry and go get it and take pictures!

    night ;)

  4. I love when a plan comes together..... such excitement!!

  5. Hey Lucy,

    Hell I don't know. LOL maybe be able to walk around. Sell as much as I can. See you the week of 19th.

    Good morning John,

    Mine won't have the advertising on it. I hope. lOL

    Hey Carolyn,

    If you pay cash it's cheaper. He nocked off a few items.

    I had my purse snatched one time dropping off my grandkids off at day care. Yep they are fast very fast. I have been locking my car every since even when I am gassing up.

    Hello klb,
    Yes it is time!

  6. Congratulations, Jo! I'm so happy for you and Fred!

  7. At long last. You have wanted a camper for long. I am so happy for you!

    Hope you sleep tonight! :)