Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Capri Camper It Shall Be

After posting last night we had a whopper of a storm. I lasted for about an hour and one shot of lighting felt like it was right overhead followed by a huge clap of thunder.

It was very cloudy this morning but no more rain. The day cleared up really nice with a slight breeze and a high of 82. Nice weather for his time of year in Tucson.

Took Fred to the groomers this morning for a nice bath and nail trim.

I went off to check out a place that sells campers shells. After going through everything I was looking for it was almost as much as the Capri and still would need more things done to it. The only carpeting would be on the ceiling  and no insulation or electric outlets.  So off I will go Thur. to Casa Grande for the model 42. They are fully insulated and have paneled walls, electric outlet and a stand for a TV. That stand will be used for a coffee maker in weather that may not allow for out door coffee making. I am so ready to get going again.

Good Night All


  1. Just googled the Capri looks like a wise cozy choice. 82 for Tucson that's an amazing day. Left Big Lake thus morning it was 66 when I hit Pinetop it was 60. Looking forward to the new camper!

  2. yes, looking forward to pictures... and where you will be heading to! yay

    105 heat index today! ... steam bath

  3. Good deal, now you can start on you bucket list.

  4. Hi Jo, I looked at the website for Capri Campers, I like the Sportsman model because it has more standing height. These look like nice well made campers. The deluxe model has a shower which is nice, but it looks like it has a cedar interior. My daughter lived in a beach house with cedar walls for 7 months and everything she owned including food - smelled like cedar.

  5. Jo, I am thrilled for you!!!! I think you are making a great choice with a Capri camper.

  6. So, are you going to be traveling all the time now?

    Tell us your plans, sweetie!

  7. 60 out this morn, wed, got run out of fishing again. cant wait for the capri, your going to love it. Fred ought to be lookin fine today give him a big hug for me.

  8. Hi Nomad,

    What great temps I would be loving that. It won't be as nice here today. Hope to see you up there next month somewhere. :)

    Hi Carolyn,

    Those are some hot nasty temps your having. Humidity is high today already.

    Good morning John,

    With all the stuff going on around here for the next 3 month it will be hard to get going but I will get going. Lots of places to go around the southern end to keep me camping for the winter.

    Hi Teri,

    I will find out today about the cedar but I don't think it is in the Model 42. It is a little short on the height side but I am going for the weight portion since it will live on the back on my truck. I don't want all the fancy stuff inside just more things to go wrong. I have tons of camping gear to use outside including a shower tent, screen room, etc.

    Hello Sharon,

    I can't wait to go tomorrow. And bring it home and set it up. And be able to get some stuff out of my shed. I will put the truck tent on Craig's List since I won't be using it. But I did enjoy it.

    Hi Jim my Friend,

    Not all the time but a lot more often and will head for cooler climbs in summer as always. But there is so much free camping in the mountains so it will be so much cheaper. As plans are made I will share.

    Hey Lucy,
    What do you mean you got run out of fishing? Was it to cold?
    Yes looks shiny like a mirror haha.

  9. I'm anxious to see pictures of the Capri. I looked it up online, but I don't know if I was looking at the right model. The one I looked at is very similar to my Jayco Feather Lite 218. I sure hope things work out so that one day we might meet in our travels. Hugs and pets to Fred.

  10. I had to look up the Capri also. Model 42 looks very doable to me. Good luck! :)

  11. Hello Nancy,

    Its plain and simple and light weight. I can't wait to go tomorrow. Bringing my friend Tom with me Fred returns the pats and hugs.

    Hi Judy,

    Yes it is very doable for me and Fred. Can't wait to load it up.

  12. I belong to a black powder club and we do the mountain man things, we call campers tin teepees.