Monday, August 5, 2013

Road Work

My sister and I made plans to go to Tres Amigo's Mexican Furniture story. I thought I could go around the road work and got stuck in even worse construction. This town is always under some kind of road construction and it lasts for years.

Anyway awhile back she bought a really nice cabinet and wanted another one. They do not carry that cabinet any longer. So we wondered around to see if something else would work as everything is 50% off. But nothing would work. So off we went.

It was way past lunch and we were hungry. Of course then it's where do we want to go. On the way back to our side of town we changed our minds a few times. Then I thought about the Hide Out so we went there. Well they don't serve lunch on Mondays. Then we planned on another place but changed my mind and went for Chinese. Won't go back there again. Not that the food was all that bad but they sure didn't have much of a selection and my sister said the bathroom was filthy.

So back home it was and I haven't done much since getting home.

But I did take a few pictures just to take them.

This bird which I cannot name right now is usually not found here But further out. He stayed up in the that tree on an off most of the day.

This one kind of followed it around but it is  not the same specie

My little fountain.
When I sat down to do this post it was pouring down rain but it already stopped and the ground is dry.
Good Night All


  1. Great pictures, Jo! I was outside yesterday morning and heard crows making a heck of a racket and some littler birds screaching. I put my bird ap on my phone and it called the crows, immediately. Hopefully, saved some of the little birds. Pats and scratches to you know who. :)

  2. I have always considered that if the bathroom are unclean so are the kitchens... blech

    Took Charlie out on the porch a bit today .... it was really storming ~ no lightening but a nice summer thunderstorm... he liked it. grinned and reached out to touch a raindrop. little ol thing

    good night ;)

  3. I agree with Carolyn, a bathroom is a good place to judge the cleanliness of a restaurant. I wouldn't go back either.

  4. I love your fountain.

    I once read that the way to tell how clean a restaurant's kitchen is is by how clean the bathrooms are. If they don't take care of the bathrooms, they probably are sloppy in the kitchen, too.

  5. I really like that fountain! It looks good.

  6. rain in the desert is like snow there now you see it now you don't. it rains a little every day up here. nice fountain

  7. Maybe the solution is the check out the bathrooms before ordering?

  8. Hi Nancy,

    Crows are nasty things. I have seen them try to rob nests and all the little birds gather and take them on. Its quite a sight to see. But sometimes there are just to many to protect the nests. Fred is going to groomer today for a bath and nail trim.

    He Carolyn,

    Look how many people said that including my sister. While they made some big improvements in the eating area who knows what the kitchen looks like.

    Babies are so Inquisitive and it is so important to teach them early not to be afraid of storms.

    Hello John,

    Nope not going back.

    Hello Sharon,

    Like I said won't be going there anymore.

    Thank you the best part of the fountain was the price. $25. compared to hundreds and it makes just the right amount of noise.

    Hi Jim,

    Thank You I love to sit in my rocker out there and listen to the water cascading over the into the larger bowl.

    Hey Lucy,

    Right after I posted a real wopper came through and it rained hard for about an hour it was great. Fred and I went out on the porch for awhile.

    Missen you girls.

    Hi Phyllis,

    Yes I think so.