Sunday, August 4, 2013

Wanted Some Flowers

I needed to get a new chair cover for the rocker so I went off to Lowe's. I also wanted to put some potted flowers on the porch. It was another hot and humid day but they had big fans running with water spraying from them. I first went into the store to find the cover. Since the rocker is so big I figured a lounge chair cover would be best. Prices on these covers are really high, but I needed it so I bought it. I then wandered back out to the garden center, I left without any flowers as I really don't care to buy dead plants. And the prices also were sky high.

Once home I decided to wash the kitchen window on the outside. It was really dirty. So I did that and the bedroom on too. I think that widow must leak as I noticed some nasty marks on the blind. I checked it out from inside but it was dry and I had used the garden hose on it. I think it is time to replace the blinds in the room. I meant to check them out today but forgot.

I got bored again so I went to the Family Dollar Store to get a bigger water dish for Fred to keep on the porch and an air freshener for the truck.

Then I just watched some very mindless TV or played spider. Did a load of laundry too.

Good Night All


  1. Seems like every time your get bored you shop. This could get expensive.

  2. You sure do have energy though for such hot ol weather... it just zaps me out. you washed windows? man.

    I did a YouTube playlist ... type a post .... and play with Charlie. 'bout it... need to wash windows, peel off peeling paint ... get ... oh, lord 9 zillion things ... I've decided to hibernate during August ... not going to worry about nuthin... not a damn thing.

    gonna just veg out... I'm watching a 1933 movie with Claudette Colbert ... wealthy family... Mother makes wrong investments ... tells her three spoiled grown children they have to get jobs and well mayhem ensues... haaa... oh, lord.

    The Mother's the worst ... wearing feather loaded dresses and tries to dust a mantle with her a boa... uh oh ... she's trying to cook.

    Well? hahaa

    g'night Jo... ;)

  3. That Spider Solitaire must be addictive. If we are not doing something, hubby is on his computer playing. He can do it from time he gets up (usually before 7) until bedtime, only taking out enough time to eat meals. Drives me crazy! BTW, that is the ONLY thing he knows about the computer.

    Sure can understand not paying for dead flowers!

  4. Good morning John,

    What else can you do when it's hot and humid.

    Hey Carolyn,

    I can't sit around much get bored have to move.

    Hi Phyllis,

    I also play Free Cell, like that one too more of a challenge maybe he can learn that one too. But yes they can be addictive if there is nothing else to do.

  5. I have to look Spider Solitaire on the computer--never heard of it before. Addictive for two people is Russian Bank. You can find directions on the web.
    I used to play with my sister when the kids were little. We'd be up until early hours of the morning. Then I hooked a neighbor on it, and we'd play while the kids were in school. We would get our housework done more quickly so we could have more time to play…so it was a motivator!