Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rain Lots Of Rain

After my Dr. apt. I went to Anna's Linens to see if I could find a new shower curtain. I had a hard time picking one out and finally did find one. I picked out the towels to match and some new shower curtain hooks. Anna's used to be really cheap but it sure isn't anymore. And I also found the little garter things there for the sheets. Oh well that's OK.

I wasn't really wanting to go home yet so I walked over to Michael's and wandered around there. They were having a sale on silk flowers so I picked up a few since you can't grow real ones because of the heat.

It was starting to really dark out and I was getting hungry since it was well past 1pm.

I washed the new towels with mine from my bathroom and took down the old shower curtain and cleaned down the shower walks. Since it never gets used I really have no soap film and if someone does use it they know to spray it with Tilex. I washed the old shower curtain and the liner. Debbie will take the old one it has monkeys on it. I reused the old liner. Once the bathroom was done it felt really good to see something new in there. I was able to use the same rugs and some of the old hand towels. The colors worked great.

While I was doing all this we had a deluge come down with some hail. It rained for about 45 min. But it never cooled down. It was so humid you could barely breath.

My back yard after the rain

The street in front of my house
 There is a small wash that never has water in it 1 house over from me, the street is now full of sand
 This poor little guy got washed or blown out of his nest I believe it is a cactus ren

These are paper shades. See the little clips on the bottom on each end. They come off and you can lower or raise the shade and use the clips to keep them at that length

For the larger window I used a potato chip bag clip in the middle

The guest bathroom window. I have 2 windows like this in my bathroom and I cut one shade to get all the windows covered.
The painting on the wall was done by my dad. And that is the new shower curtain. One of the hooks broke but I can fix it.

And now I am tired and had a good day and a busy one.

Oh the Dr. apt went OK I have to go for more tests on Thurs. Had a positive for  Lupus but he feels it is the CPF that makes my test come up positive on things but I will see a specials when an apt is available. There are 3 tests taken 2 were negative the big one was positive.  We are not concerned.

Good Night All


  1. Boy the makeover for you place looks real classy. I'll bet it makes you feel fetter too. I hope you get medical stuff behind you.

  2. Good morning John,

    It helps to do some miner changes. I wanted to paint the bathroom but knew I wouldn't be able too. So just buying something different helps a lot.