Monday, August 19, 2013

Slow Day

We walked some early this morning and then came back for coffee. I opened the windows and living room door and turned on the ceiling fan. I also opened the window in the computer room and turned on the little fan I bought yesterday to get the air moving. That only lasted until around 9:15 and then it was just to hot.

I took more measurements to try and figure out which sleeping arrangement will work best. I also now have the length of the windows. I will just use the paper pleated shades they sell at Lowe's until I decide what to do. I may just keep them up they are nice and cheap and go a long way as they can easily be cut with a box cutter.
I used then over the sink in the kitchen and both bathrooms and have for years. When they start looking yellowed I take them down and throw then in the trash. The run around $6. Out of one I covered the bathroom windows. I also have one in the front bedroom.

Other than that not much else was done today.

Good Night All


  1. Well I learned something tonight. I'd never heard of paper pleated shade and to think I ran the home furnishing department in a Penney's store a few decades ago.

  2. Good morning John,

    Penny's doesn't carry them neither does Walmart. I don't know about other stores. But there great for quick cover ups or to use until they get shabby. And great for folks on a very tight budget. They have self stick strip on the top. So no rods or other hardware are needed.

  3. I hadn't heard of the paper pleated shades, either. The self-stick seal with no rods would be great in a camper as long as they would stay stuck up when it gets hot.

    When are you supposed to get your topper?

  4. Hello Sharon,

    I hope the week of the 9th or a little before. Those paper shades are great for a quick fix. I have never had them fall in the house even when I am gone for the summer. But a camper may be another story. But for a quick set up I'll try them.