Sunday, August 18, 2013

Stormy Weather

I dropped off the bag of clothes,hanger and who remembers what else was in that bag at Big Brothers Big Sisters bin this morning.

I had to do something so I had a small list of things I needed so went to Walmart and walked around and around just to get some walking in.

I was looking for those guarder things they used to sell to hold sheets on water beds. Since they no longer sell supplies for waterbeds  at Walmart or anywhere else that I know of my next plan was suspenders. I walked through the men's dept. and the belts 3 times and didn't see any. Finally I spotted someone and ask. Yep right there with the belts. So I grabbed a pair of the cheapest ones. I will use them to hold the mattress cover and sheets on the cot so it will not slide all around. I also needed a strainer for small pasta like orzo or to rinse rice before cooking, also a small cutting board. I followed my list very well. I was also looking for some of that fake grass for the screen room. What they had was very expensive so I left with out it.

Clouds started building quite early today so the humidity was up.

I figured as long as Lowe's was right there I would check out the grass there. Glad I did as they had it on a roll and I needed 12x11 and it was still cheaper than the small piece at Walmart. I walked around some there too but before I had the grass.

While I was there Debbie called to ask if I would be home around 4:30 so they could stop buy. Yes I will be home by then hiding from the heat.

Once home I got out the stitch ripper and cut out the stitches that held the suspenders together. While I was doing that I started to think about the twin size futon I have. I thought that might be great for the camper instead of the cot. So started taking measurements of both the futon and the cot. As I sit here writing this I have thought that maybe the futon will work as it doesn't have that middle leg so it can be flush against the side. Hmm have to take more measurements in the morning.

I shredded some old paper work I had brought back from Pinetop and of course the can was full AND  of course I proceeded to drop most of the shredded paper on the floor. So I took out the vacuum and cleaned that mess up and went around the house with the vacuum. Had everything cleaned up by time the kids got here. I ordered Pizza as I had promised my grandson Adam I would the last time we talked. We had a nice visit and my grandson took the grass out of the truck and into the shed.

As the title said, it sure rained and thundered today. It came down in buckets and the wind was strong. I really worry about that awning. I found my list so I will get on it again tomorrow trying to find a company that might want some work.

Hope you all had a great weekend.

Good Night All


  1. Busy day and it sounds like progress was made.

  2. you are so bored in the big city, just walking around walmart, haha dthing you have the truck to keep you busy thinking about the camp trip, and the grandkids to help you out. how are the weding plans coming?

  3. Good morning John.

    Yes busy I enjoyed that. And yes progress is good.

    Hello Lucy,

    Sad isn't it. Going to Walmart for amusement but at least it isn't hot in there and so much to see.
    Checked out the camping section of course but didn't have much and I didn't need any of it anyway. I wish I was up there so we could figure out stuff together and we both know you have the tools hahaha.

    Wedding plans are a pain in the neck in the end glad I don't have to do any of it.

  4. I have a cot in Homer. the mattress sliding around drove me insane. I, too, looked for those mattress grip things... found them but they were too large... just couldn't make them work.

    On top of the cot's mattress, I also had an inflated mattress from REI that was a backpacking thing. That on top of the cot's mattress was great! lots of support. BUT talk about sliding around!

    I finally geniused it with clamps. HOwever, I couldn't get the clamps open! ~ those big guys ~ I got two ~ one for each end on the top of the cot.

    ... saw a guy walking by with his wife... I was struggling and asked the wife if I could borrow a couple of her husband's muscles. she smiled and said yes. ;)

    he asked what I wanted and I said I would like to put a clamp on each side of this cot to keep it from sliding around. He clamped 'em on!

    worked great! Joe took them out for me when I brought Homer home ... so they lasted for almost the full year I was gone... The bottom sheet, I just tucked under the mattresses ... just laid it over the clamps ... it stayed ...

    I used velcro on the windows. and had black fuzzy material. this eliminated putting the 'other' side of the velcro fastener on the material which didn't stick too well with my removing them each morning.

    So the fuzzy material just ZOT on the velcro and easy peasy to put up and take down. I"m familiar with those shades and have used them too.

    getting closer to your a gettin!