Saturday, August 31, 2013

Shopping, Transplanting And Cooking

I forced myself to go shopping this morning. Figured better get it over with before the weekend holiday got underway.

I was surprised how few people were in the store. But it was great. Came home put things away and quickly got bored.

I new I had to transplant the weeping fig so I got a tarp out of the shed and spread it out on the floor in the computer room where the tree resides. So that job was finally done and now the tree probably will die. I turned it around to try and get it to maybe straighten out as it reaches for the sun at the window. It has been turned around for so long that I was having a hard time even staking it.

 Hope it will pull itself back toward the window
 These fish were made my grandson's Danny and Eric about 20 yrs. ago. I love them.
Hope every one has a safe and fun Labor Day.

Good Night All


  1. Forcing yourself to go shopping, who would have guessed?
    Weeping. I think your fig is crying it hasn't been rotated in so long.

  2. Poor tree does look like it's struggling. Hope it perks up.

    The fish are precious.

  3. happy labor day Jo,the park is having hamburgers Monday, ill be watching Bevs dog Pali as she will take Adie back to phoenix to catch her plane. Love the tree and fishes. hug the little weiner for me.

  4. Good morning John,

    It was grocery shopping. No fun there. It was just trans planted so it was in shock.

    Hi Sharon,

    Actually the tree is very healthy but they get top heavy and lean over thus weeping fig. But I should have been turned more often.

    I have little treasures saved from over the years. Some I have had to put away because the paper was getting so brittle.

    Hi Lucy,

    Happy Labor day to you too. Is Pali going to walk you tomorrow? If the weather is decent I may BBQ a small steak. If not I will just cook something in the house. Putter around with things is the shed get rid of more stuff.