Sunday, September 1, 2013

More Progress Even In The Heat

The morning temps are back down so that is a start. Don't know how long this will last. The humidity was down a little too.

I made a Quiche this morning and it turned out really nice a moist.

After I cleaned up I headed out to the shed to bring in one of the plastic drawers so I could fill it with clothes. I will use 2 for clothing. Then went back out to fill a Rubber Maid tub that we used when we went up to Madera Canyon to make breakfast. My dad loved having breakfast up there. I think I may be able to put all the cooking things in there and a smaller one for paper plates and forks and things. Going to try and get out there earlier tomorrow morning before it heats up and make an area just for the camping things so I know what all is there. The drawers will stay in the house so  no spiders or anything else gets into  them.

Checked the forecast for tomorrow and it will be hot so I will not be doing a BBQ. Debbie is coming to do some laundry and I will make the crust less pizza for us.

Good Night All


  1. delicious looking quiche! Going back to double digits this next week... so maybe the heat will move on out.

    This steam bath weather just does me in.

    good night ;)

  2. That quiche looks good enough to eat and I bet it was.

  3. looks good, nice presentation. I redid back of truck so I have more room for camping. now I have to sort thru all the stuff. slowly but surely and we will be there

  4. Hello Carolyn,

    So far this morning the wind is really kicking up hard. Maybe it will keep the temps down. Weather Bug says 102 but they are always way off. Hope they are today.

    Good morning John,

    It is good there's plenty left want me mail you a piece.

    Hey Lucy,

    We are plenty geared up for this trip. Now to get there.
    Glad you liked the presentation I had a nicer one planned but the picture was to blurry.

    Hello Gypsy,

    It came out really good.