Monday, September 2, 2013

Tired But A Good Tired

The wind was blowing really hard this morning so I enjoyed the breeze. It was supposed to be 102 but I don't think it was more than 97 and very low humidity.

So I had my coffee and hit the shed. It looks great once again and there is lots of room to walk around without breaking your neck. Don't have to climb over things. Threw away stuff, Debbie, took some things and I have a nice pile to take to donate tomorrow. Most of the camping things are together. Found a few propane canisters that were stored from awhile back.

Made lunch for Debbie and I after clearing up the shed. Then we just sat and relaxed until she left.

I even had to go out there and just look around to get the full satisfaction of that nice clean shed.

Hope you all had a safe and wonderful Labor Day.

Good Night All


  1. So you spent your Labor day laboring. At least the shed is nice and neat.

  2. I cleaned my refrigerator and stove. They almost sparkle... old appliances and didn't want to do it and put it off and off and off... wanted new ones but since I'm poor... best to clean them. didn't like it.

    I just got back from the kitchen and if I could whistle... I'd a whistled ... so I just said yay... as I stood and looked at both of them ... so proud. Nice feeling ain't it...

    AND we're out of the triple digits! talk about yay! the end of the week should be 60s at night at high 80s during the day with low humidity...

    come on down!

    g'night ;)

  3. Now that you have it all clean, you can start filling it up again! That is the way it works, right?

  4. Good morning John,

    I am just so happy it's done now.

    Hi Carolyn,

    Clean is nice and no matter old or new if they're clean and they work so be it.

    Hope we will see the end of the triple digits too. I am happy to be able to open all the windows in the morning and just turn on fans to clear the air. We should see a lot less humidity too.

    Hi Jim,

    The mess was from bringing all that stuff back from Pinetop, because of the heat and humidity things just got dumped on the floor so we could get into the A/C.

  5. I love things neat and organized. Ever watch to TV program about Hoarders? At first I couldn't as it skeeved me out too much. Now I am hooked.

    Less humidity is a good thing.

  6. Hi Phyllis,

    I can't seem to find that show anymore. Yes to see people live like that is horrible. But it makes me jump up and look for things to get rid of and boy I have gotten rid of stuff.

  7. Food was real good mom!!! Always have fun hanging with you! Love you!

  8. Hi Princess,

    Thank you I miss mommy, daughter days. It was good to just hang out.

  9. Don't you get a great sense of accomplishment from cleaning the shed? Something about cleaning sheds is more rewarding than cleaning the house to me.

    So glad you got some Mom-Daughter time in. :)

  10. Hello Sharon,

    It felt really good to get that mess organize again.

    Having Mom-Daughter was nice.