Sunday, September 8, 2013

Another Rainy Day So....

I was another rainy day and I was not going to stay home.

I went to Tracy's house to pick up my pictures of the baby they taken a JCPenny. They are really cute and I forgot to download them so I can post them tonight.

I had been thinking about going to Big Lot's for a while so since I had to pass it on the way home I stopped in. I needed bags for Fred's business. I was also looking for one of those collapsible  strainers to take along. They didn't have them so I hope I remember to keep looking for one. I picked up 2 pkg. of the bags and found some valances I liked for the camper windows. I wasn't going to buy them but they didn't have very many and I needed 3 so I picked them up. I will figure out how to hang them once I get the shell. I also picked up a birthday card, taco seasoning for a recipe I have, a picture frame for Smileys new picture some bones for Fred. I think that's all of it.

Even though it was humid it wasn't to hot so I shut down the a/c and opened the windows and turned on the some fans. I just closed things down and turned on the a/c so it will be nice to sleep.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Good Night All


  1. well? at least you get out ... I just vegetate in this weather... look at m'trees and eat Klondike Bars... I'm going to die.

    aw and Tusk ain't ugly! What a face he has ... hahaa

    g'night ;)

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    I guess cute is in the eye of the beholder. LOL

    I can't stand being home anymore all I want to do is eat that is very bad thing.
    But shopping isn't very good either. :(

  3. I've been wanting to go to Big Lots for a while now, but know I will find more things than I can pay for!

  4. Hi Gypsy,

    Now I remembered why I was staying away. But at least of found my window coverings for the camper.