Tuesday, September 10, 2013

No Rain Today

Yesterday I didn't have anything to blog so I didn't.

It rained all night and my neighbor told me it thundered too. Once I feel asleep to the rain I didn't hear another thing.

This morning  I jumped in the shower right away as I had an early morning apt. for Fred at the groomer. He was still a little wet when I picked him up so I left the windows open and just the fans going. I never turned the a/c on until about 1:45.

Picked up my sister to take her to an eye apt. at Walmart. While she was doing that I picked up dog food and the bed risers. When she went to pay the girl walked away to help some guy pick out glasses REALLY! She couldn't ask him to wait one minute so my sister could pay? I lost my patients and went out to the truck. My sister waited 20 min. to pay. I don't think she will be going back there anymore.
I didn't mind waiting outside as it was really nice out. The humidity was way down and it was only in the 80's.

We went to lunch at Chili's. I had the baked Talapia with rice and a veggie. It was very good.

When I came home I took Fred for a walk and then decided to wash the truck. I used Goof Off to take a large glob of pine sap off the hood. It took it right off. Tomorrow I'll bring the shop vac out and clean the interior.

Good Night All


  1. Hard to find good service any where any more, isn't it?

    Wishing it would rain here in Wisconsin. Very dry. Only weeds are green.

  2. I wonder if Goof Off will clean off the bugs from the front of my vehicle. Bounce sheets will do it but still take a lot of elbow grease.

  3. Hi Phyllis,

    It sure is terrible customers don't seem to matter anymore.

    We seem to be drying out now of course that means higher temps, as long as it stays under triple digits I'll be happy. Sure hope some rain comes your way.

    Hello Gypsy,

    Goof Off will remove the dead bugs too. I couldn't believe how easy it removed the sap very little rubbing at all.

  4. goof off is good for everything, its still raining here, everything is soaking wet.that truck is soooo ready for its shell. I just put new wipers on mine. now I bet it quits raining. haha squeeze little fredie for me

  5. Hi Lucy,
    Seems like we will dry out here but going to get hot again. The mornings are great so I guess I will have to get out there at the crack of dawn to work inside the camper when it gets here. I had new wipers put on mine but all this rain wore them out already hahah. Fred said HI!

  6. We got all the rain over here that you didn't use. 2" yesterday.

  7. Good morning John,

    WOW! Clear sky's here. Now to try and get a grip on the weeds.