Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It's Here, It's Here

Another beautiful morning. But it heated up pretty fast.

I ran off to Safeway thinking I could get the Yuban before the coupon expired. Coffee went up to over $11. I was not paying that much for coffee. It would be cheaper at Walmart without a coupon. Just picked up some salads and came home. Oh and bought a little flower to put out on the porch.
Got that transplanted into a big pot. Then sprayed the weeds and pulled the taller ones.

I came in to cool off and I heard the phone ring. It was Vic from the Camper Shell place. He said the camper was in and wanted to install it today. But it was already 2:30 and I still had to get the wood for the floor. Made an apt. for 8:30 tomorrow morning. Ran to Lowe's and bought the wood and they cut it to fit for me. I had brought the insulation so it could go under the wood. I also bought more reflex as I knew there wouldn't  be enough.

Of course the weather is now going to be very hot this week but I get up really early so I will get right out there and start working until it gets to hot. Hopefully I'll get it done by early next week so I can do a test run to Madera Canyon for a few days. And then head to Pinetop and then Big Lake with the girls. But if Madera doesn't work out I will just wait until I get to Big Lake.

Good Night All


  1. Finally, hope installation goes well. Be sure and warn Madera Canyon, Pinetop and Big Lake that you're on the loose. Happy camping.

  2. way to go JO,you got to post lots of pictures of inside and out and the insulation and floor

  3. AWESOME, Jo! Can't wait to see pictures!!!!

  4. Looks like your waiting time is finally over.

  5. Good morning John,

    When that call came I almost jumped for joy but since I'm to old I didn't think jumping would be a good idea.

    Hi Carolyn,

    I'll take them as I go along for sure.

    Hey Lucy,

    Can't see insulation on floor it is under the wood. But need to cut left over wood to fit behind and in front of wheel wells yet. I'll post some pictures tonight to show it in the raw.

    Hello Sharon,

    Now to get the inside finished at least enough to get going end of next week.

    Hi Judy,

    I thought it would never get here but finally!

  6. Look forward to seeing your new home!

  7. So glad you were persistent and kept going until you got what you wanted. I know you are excited.

  8. Hi Kim,

    I picked it up this morning. Posted on RVBs.

    Hello Joann,
    Yes me too. now to get set up and be gone.

  9. Glad you're getting your camper, Jo. I haven't been able to catch up reading let alone commenting. I'll say hi to Carolyn here. I've been reading in Feedy when I get a chance--not as great as going directly to the blogs. I look forward to hearing about your travels. I think we're all looking forward to cooler weather. Pats to Fred.

  10. I heard that Lowes is discontinuing Reflectix, so I rushed over to buy another roll of it. Don't know if it's true, but I figured it can always be put to use.