Thursday, September 19, 2013

Awning Is Done

The guys showed up early and got right to work. It took a little longer but I don't care it's done. They had a hard time because the other guy made such a mess of things. I felt bad because it sure was hot out there and Kevin never works past 11:30 in the summer. But he stuck it out and saw the job done. He finished up at 1pm. Before I paid him he gave me the walk around and explained things to me.
I will now have to find a painter to come and redo the trim and other parts that had been ruined when the other guy screwed brackets into the side of the house. Trying to match the paint may turn into a new paint job since the paint will never match after all these years. I'll get estimates when I come home.

Isn't this pretty. Jerk brought it up way to far.
 First day when Kevin was on his own, couldn't believe he got so much done.
 2nd Day with help
 Today all done. Just some adjustments
 The privacy slats that were left over he put on the porch side of the house at no extra charge. I would recommend Kevin in a heart beat to do awning work

Good Night All


  1. they did an outstanding job. Good for you Jo!!! I f you have a piece left over of the color you want, Lowe's has a machine that does a very good job of matching the sample you bring in. You might to try them. Just saying!!!

  2. That sure looks so much better than what was removed. I don't think I've ever seen one so high and it really looked out of place.

  3. good job by Kevin... the jerk? wth was he thinking? putting it up that high? man

  4. High might work for a tall RV, but you didn't need that. Glad it's done now.

  5. NICE I wont know witch house is yours now. To the lake to the lake to the lake we gooogoogoo the girls will be home this morn so now all my fun cleaning and packing starts. see ya sooonn

  6. As Cyn mentioned the old awning would have worked for a taller RV ( Diesal Pusher or Fifth Wheel) and that could have been what the previous owner had. Now you have personalized it and it will better meet yous needs. It looks Great! Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. Hi Tom,
    I need to look in the shed to see if there is any left. If not I think it's time to repaint anyway. Just so hard to come up with a color. I'll see first I need a vacation.

    Good morning John,
    It sure does look better. Everyone has stopped by to complement the job. I told them I was open to donations to help pay for it. No one donated.

    Hi Carolyn,

    I leaned a good lesson over this. Never higher some one with a sad story and no license and always make sure your home when a job is being done.

    Hello Cyn,

    A double decker bus could have been parked under that thing.

    Hi Lucy,

    I am so ready for this trip. I may even come up tomorrow if I get everything done this today.