Thursday, September 5, 2013

Some Thing Has Worked

It was a really nice morning and I didn't have to turn on the A/C until 9:30 am. It was still not bad outside but the house heats up fast and then its to hard to get it cooled down.

I figured I needed to see if the futon frame fit the truck so I took it out there and put it on the truck bed. It fit so that's one thing down but didn't count on the wheel well for sliding my storage under the futon and since it wouldn't have work with the cot either I will put them somewhere else, there will be room. I was not about to drag that thing back in the house so in the shed it went. No it did not take up a lot of room since it is pretty flat and I turned the legs under the work table against the wall.

My neighbor gave me a phone number to the guy who put up their new awning and I called. I was amazed that he called me back in about 2yrs and stopped by the house about 2 hrs. after that. He will give me the cost tomorrow. I have no illusion it will be cheap.

I did some grocery shopping today and made another new recipe in the crock pot it isn't done so I will let you know how it turns out tomorrow.

Good Night All


  1. How wonderful that the futon is going to fit. Yes, you will be able to make storage work. Maybe not the way you originally planned, but it will work.

    I've discovered that the small fabric baskets are great for clothes. One for shirts, one for pants and one for underwear. They are small enough to slide in front of the wheel wells, probably.

    So happy that you finally got someone who wants your awning business. :)

  2. Are you going to take off with no timetable? just go?

    For a while, I put stuff like my raincoat and extra sheets .... things that go flat ! whatever it was ... spread under the mattress... worked pretty well.

    Seasonal stuff. I also got hanging pockets ... that worked really well for everything from my toiletries to jewelry to just women stuff ~ hair... so on.

    for clothes? I kept honing stuff down and it is a lot of fun to go to thrift shops ... I know you like to do that and just buy disposal clothes. I bought a floor triple layered shoe tree that fit in Homer's well thing and hung blouses that I didn't want to fold on that ... the basket ... well, is this hard to explain? each tier had a basket with shoe thingies surrounding it... so with three baskets I put my folding stuff in there.

    oh, you're a pro at this ... it'll be a job in progress until you're gone enough to see what you really need to be comfortable. I still have ol Homer situated where I could take off tomorrow and stay gone forever.

    don't want to ... but knowing I can? is a very nice feeling...

    g'night ;)

  3. I wish I could be organized to do what you and others are doing. My biggest trouble is that I can pack things up very well, but in a few days everything is in a different place and then I can't find what I'm looking for. Too undisciplined, I guess. I'm anxious to see pictures of your set up as you go along - maybe if I saw a work in progress I could get a better idea of what I could do.

  4. Hi Sharon,

    Yes I was really happy about that too. A cot can only last so long if you need to sit on it if it rains and you have to sit inside. The mattress isn't the most comfortable but I do have a twin memory foam to put over it. If that is still to uncomfortable I can always buy the six inch foam.

    I have lots of storage things in all sizes that I have saved just in case. Once I see what fits I can get rid of the rest.

    Finding some to do the awning is a huge relief.

    Hi Carolyn,

    I have some of the things you have mentioned from the motor home. The hanging thing with the pockets came in so handy next to the bed, book, glasses, clock, hornet spray. And a wooden spoon because I couldn't reach the light above the bed so I used a wood spoon. LOL

    Hi Gypsy,

    I guess in your car it might be hard to stay organized I don't know. But Carolyn has lots of ideas. I know you may be traveling with someone on your next leg of the trip so the little drawer thing Carolyn had on her from seat looked like a good idea too. Look at all the stuff she carried with her on her 7 mth. journey. You can always feel free to e-mail me and ask questions and maybe with 2 heads put together we can figure it out.

  5. Now that you got your futon, it won't matter but I had a cot ... I wanted a recliner! for those rainy days and early nights.

    I bought a stadium seat... placed it on the cot ... used my porta potty (I have the hassock kind) as a foot stool and well... what a treat! I liked it better than an armed cushion thing I had that I propped up against the door and laid on the cot.

    NOt comfortable plus I wanted to eat in a chair. I got one of those folding camp tables. little bitty guy that fit perfectly in that area ... it's on a post somewhere... lord knows which one.

    It's fun being creative with a tiny space. I also used the stadium seat at campsite picnic tables. My old back! I had my camp chair but I like getting my stuff on the table and leaning back in the stadium seat...

    also worked when I was just out exploring and stopped at a roadside view place and wanted to relax.

    What fun going through all your planning stages!

  6. It is I had lunch with one of my friends here in Tucson. She was the first person I camped with and met on RVBuddies. She has also started camping out of the back of her truck. So far she has only gone out once in hers, but really liked it. There are always learning curves in down sizing. It will be interesting get this set up. To know when to much or to little has been brought along.
    The stadium chair sounds like a winner to me. I also have an issue with my back on a bench seat.