Monday, September 30, 2013

Took The Day Off and Thurs.

I decided to take the day off today. I needed to run some errands and then went to Lowe's with my friend Barb to buy some flowers.

Barb, said not to plant them until morning when it is cooler. OK I can wait.


The wind was blowing even harder than the day before. So no fishing was to be done again.

Liz packed a lunch and we took off for Greer. Lucy had never been there before so we drove around. Of course there is only one main road and little ones off to the sides where the Lodges are and some very large cabins.  We stopped briefly to say hi to Bobbie and headed back to camp and out little screen room for the lunch packed by Liz. We had now covered all four sides of the screen room with tarps to keep out the wind and cold. We used a small one burner stove and a lantern for heat.
 We new the night was going to be really cold so Lucy had an extra piece of foam insulation and we put it over the window next to the bed.

We then started to gather things for departure on Friday. I couldn't really put anything away because there wouldn't be room for me or Fred. But who knew it was going to rain.


The insulation worked great and it wasn't very cold.... at first. About 1 o'clock I heard the rain on the roof. Yep I am water proof.
Of course in the morning everything was wet so drying everything was underway.  I pulled out about 9:30 am.

I had forgotten about all the things going on in Pinetop and Lakeside so I was afraid I wasn't  going to find a room. I got lucky and found one at Super 8. Those are the dirtiest place. But I was cold. wet and dirty. The hot shower sure felt good. Lucy brought dinner over and it was nice to sit and enjoy a good meal and being clean and dry.


I left out about 7am and got home around 12:30.
Hit a delay in Mammoth due to a funeral. I never thought that many people lived in that little town.

I forgot to mention on Wednesday Fred  took off and none of us say him or heard him. Talk about panic. It was getting dark and Lucy took off in her truck and asked other campers and the camp hosts to be on the look out. I finally found him in the last loop out of out area.  This is what he was chasing. And he yes he had on a leash.

 Sorry about the writing on the window from my shirt
 This smaller lake was once very large and called Mexican Hay Lake. The water was used to help fight the Wallow fire. The fire even came to the edge of the lake.

 See the winds ripples?

Good Night All


  1. rascal Lucy! they can just make your heart stop! glad you found her safe and sound.

    'night ;)

  2. That Fred is a born hunter. LOL Loved the pictures, very pretty country.

  3. people think Lucy is a dog. huummmm. lovin the pics going fishin this morn with frenchi and liz. lori is going to meet us at horseshoe. se ya soon

  4. Hi Carolyn,

    Lucy is my friend and she helped look for Fred the dog. LOL But yes we were very happy to find him before something else did.

    Good morning John,

    Yes he is born to hunt ground critters and woodpeckers.
    It is very beautiful country up there..

    Hi Lucy,

    Hope you all catch your limit. At least the Reservation Lakes and campground will still be open to the public.