Saturday, September 28, 2013

Trip Is Over

I'm going to try to post a few days at a time.


Made it to Big Lake and the weather was quite nice. Set up camp but started to have trouble breathing. Never gave a thought to how I went from 2300' to 9000'. So lots of breaks to catch my breath. Took it easy as much as possible.
With Liz's expert raising of awnings and help from Lucy we had our screen room up. As you can see we covered it with tarps to stop the winds. As the days went by and the wind was stronger we covered all sides and used a small propane stove in the center to keep us warm it worked great.

As the days passed the Aspens change more and more to there yellow then orange fall colors
Another Friend showed up as we were to go to Reservation Lake.
Things were moving very fast and I my breathing was very labored so I bid my buddies good day and I stayed behind so as not to slow them down. I worked on the camp and organized inside the camper. You really can't have anything in the way in such a small space. Fred and I took some short walks and then climbed into the camper for a short nap and some reading.
Dinner was a combination of things we brought and then sat in the screen room for awhile. Someone had suggested using a clay pot with a candle  under it. So I set that up and hoped it would work as it was getting really cold.  By 9 o'clock  I was freezing so I tried to add another votive candle but for some reason they both went out and the lighter refused to work. I just crawled deeper under the quilts and brought them up over my head. I stayed warm until it was time to use the potty. Well that wasn't much fun.
More tomorrow.
Good Night All


  1. Cold and lack of oxygen at 9,000 feet. who would've thought.

  2. If you are near an REI, you might consider getting warm underwear. I wear Capilene which is silky and light, but provides instant warmth the second you put it on. I think REI has its own brand (Capilene is expensive, but very much worth the cost).

  3. I tell ya there's just not much of a way to get heat in that small place ... I slept in three pairs of sweats and comforters and three pairs of socks... I'm not a cold weather camper nor a hot weather camper.

    That's the problem of not having a climate controlled vehicle to sleep in... but my goal was to always go where the weather suited m'clothes!

    and I did for the most part but down by an Oregon river or desert night ... it's quite a surprise for this ol southern girl..

    and the altitude got me too, Jo... Gypsy and I walked a bit and she just moved right along . I thought I was about to have a heart attack!

    I love the mountains but I had to even watch the steps up into some VC's and such ... frustrating

  4. Jo, I got a little concerned when you said the votive and the lighter wouldn't light. That could be a sign of not enough oxygen... and if that's the problem, you might not wake up some day.

    When I don't have hookups I use a little Coleman Black Cat heater that uses a little propane bottle. Keeps me toasty. BUT you will die if you don't have adequate ventilation with them. So you have to crack a roof vent and a window to get fresh air in. But the little heater works so well, you still stay toasty even with the vents open.

    One of the little bottles of propane should last you all night if you keep the heater on the low setting. If you use the heater on high, it will only last about 6 hours. But low should keep you plenty warm in your small camper.

  5. Good morning John,

    Yeah who would of thought.. Just got cold there a lot earlier this year.

    Hello Gypsy,

    I wasn't cold under the covers it was when I had to get up and use the potty. I might try those winter under things you mentioned just for that purpose. They opened an REI here last year but haven't been to it yet.

    Hi Carolyn,

    I can't sleep in all those clothes. I couldn't even sleep in one pair of sweats. Luckily I had brought along a very worn out short pair and thermal shirt worked fine.

    As for the Altitude problem I will have to plan better trips to do the gradual climb over a few days. Today I have the worst headache. Got to figure this all out as I go along.

    Hi Sharon,

    The lighter didn't work because it was empty. I always kept the window open enough to let air flow. Discovered those candles were no good they never stayed lit. I was lucky that the fat pillars worked great and had no trouble with them. I can't use a small propane heater because I don't have enough space and I'm afraid Fred will try to get up close to it and knock it over.

  6. get a good sleeping bag thats rated for cold temps...can be very useful n not so much bulk...